Long hours of studying call for an internet break. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

Long hours of studying call for a browsing break. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

We’ve all been there: that moment when all of your responsibilities, lack of sleep, guilt and obligations add up and make you want to ignore everything and just lay in bed. Rather than checking the same old Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed, why not expand your horizons a little? Behold: the 10 most entertaining, pointless and WTF websites to help you procrastinate. Just don’t forget about your homework: 

10. MapCrunch


Type literally any address into the finder, and it’ll take you there, albeit virtually. It’s insane!

9. Koalas to the Max


Patience, kids. You’ll figure this one out eventually.

8. Texter


Read, draw, or read and draw together! The world is yours.

7. I Look Like Barack Obama


Check out good’ol Barack Obama’s twin! Some could even say he’s a spitting image.

6. Scratch


I spent a good 10 minutes on this thing. Not a joke.

5. Has the large hadron collider destroyed the world yet?


Hey, it’s a good question?

4. Pug licking screen


You’re welcome.

3. Staggering Beauty


How do we click out of this? Agh!

2. The Internet Fireplace


Don’t let dorm life stop you from roasting those virtual s’mores! 

1. Walama


Ah, my all-time favorite. Volume on, please!