My generation has become all too impervious to snide comments about how we’re too young to be cynical. But Mr. Trump, tell me how we’re not supposed to be cynical when the candidate who did not even secure the popular vote could win the election? Even more incredulous, just when we thought we could move forward and find common ground with you, you appointed a far-right conservative whose news site is notorious for white-supremacist, anti-semitic, racist, homophobic and sexist ideologies.

I refuse to be complicit in your hateful and bigoted rhetorics by tacitly accepting them as the norm. While I agree to work with you on matters that should have not even been challenged in the first place, such as women’s rights and religious freedom, I, along with hundreds of thousands of other women and allies in this country, will be your worst nightmares should you continue to hurl your incendiary remarks.

Mr. Trump, I chose to go off Facebook for a few days after the election result was announced because of how overwhelming it was to read posts and news of intimidation, threats and physical abuse experienced by minorities. Even prior to the election, Muslims like myself have been living in a reality that is different to yours after 9/11. This is a reality where micro-aggressions on the streets, at work and in school have become all too common, and where “mindless” terrorist jokes are thrown around ever so casually. In your victory speech, you urged Americans to come together and assured them that you will be a president for all.

In your first televised interview after becoming president-elect, you demanded your supporters stop harassing minorities following a surge in reports of hate crimes committed against these people across the country. I laud your call for unity, but remember, the people who committed these crimes do not feel emboldened and validated out of nowhere. Do not renegade all the blame to your supporters when they are merely perpetuating the propaganda you have championed throughout the campaign. If you really are true to your speech, I hope you will strive to mend the fissures that permeate every aspect of our society.

I also hope that you will learn from the failure of the Democratic Party in lifting the working class out of their ongoing economic woes. Many have said that your surprise win was a metaphorical middle finger from the working class given to the elite Democratic establishment. You have successfully tapped into this frustration and the disillusionment of the working class by promising to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States and by imposing tougher regulations on countries that we are dealing with. However, you have also been obscure in how you would go about changing these trade policies without further hurting the manufacturing sector. Economists have also argued that your plan could bring us back into a recession.

You have successfully harped on the many cracks in our social, economic and political apparatus during your campaign and you have made promises to fix them. I can only hope that you will live up to your pledge to become the president for all, not just for the elite few.