With the country and the world still reeling from America’s decision to elect an incompetent, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic demagogue for president last Tuesday, there are a lot of worries on everyone’s minds. Many people are mourning over Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss in the electoral college system to a failed steak salesman. The most qualified candidate for the presidency in modern history lost to a failed casino owner who just appointed an anti-Semitic white nationalist as White House Chief Strategist. There’s a lot that is awful about this election, and this country’s treatment of Hillary Clinton is one of them.

Hillary Clinton has worked for decades serving the public, and even longer helping women and children. Ever since she burst onto the scene in 1992, she has been an iconic American symbol of feminism and has suffered constant attacks from the right wing. As first lady, she fought to reform the country’s health care system. She helped to expand

Hillary Clinton isn't going anywhere, America. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Hillary Clinton isn’t going anywhere, America. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

health insurance to children whose parents could not afford it. She fought for women’s rights all over the globe. During the ‘90s, Clinton utterly transformed the role of the first lady in American politics — she was never one to hold her ambitions back in deference to her husband.

Clinton became the only first lady in history to hold elected office when she was became the Senator of New York in 2001. In 2008, she first ran for president, eventually losing in the primary to Barack Obama. Her tenure as Obama’s first secretary of state earned her sky-high approval ratings. Hillary has worked hard for America and is an inspiration to us all to never back down and push hard for your ambitions.

It’s also sad to let go of Hillary’s vision of America, which would have been bright, multicultural and a continuation of the progress under President Obama. Because her opponents and the media were too busy blasting her for a trumped-up email scandal and baseless accusations of corruption, her policies went almost ignored. Hillary wanted an America for everyone, with extensive proposals on tax relief, racial injustice, welfare reform, LGBT rights, debt-free college, health care, voting rights, sexual assault, immigration, criminal justice reform, climate change and the economy. What personally stung for me about her loss was how excited I was for her vision of America and how great it would have been for this country.

There’s been a lot to digest this past week, but one thing I have consistently felt is great sadness over the fate that Hillary Clinton unrightfully got. She has been an inspiration to millions of men and women, myself included (I donated to her campaign literally the first day she announced her candidacy in spring 2015). While the country may have missed out on Hillary’s vision for America, we need to continue her political legacy, follow in her footsteps and never back down from making progress in America.