On Thursday, I had the privilege of attending the INBOUND 2016 in South Boston. The convention was full of successful entrepreneurs, inspiring leaders and flourishing businesses. Not only did I have the honor of being among these incredible individuals, but I also was able to interact with some of them firsthand.

Although this convention took place over a span of three days, I was only able to attend one day. One day

A signed copy of Anna Kendrick's new book, "Scrappy Little Nobody." PHOTO BY ALLY CHANG/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

A signed copy of Anna Kendrick’s new book, “Scrappy Little Nobody,” which is a collection of humorous essays from the actress’ career and childhood. PHOTO BY ALLY CHANG/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

was already enough for me to truly engage with a crowd of inspiring individuals and learn about different industries from some of my idols. These people included Serena Williams, Michael Strahan, Anna Kendrick and so many more.

Though I was among so many incredible pioneers of our tech-driven society, I had the experience of meeting Anna Kendrick. I attended her keynote speech, and I also had the chance to interact with her one-on-one at her book signing for “Scrappy Little Nobody.”

Her keynote speech wasn’t your typical presentation. It was formulated in a way that truly engaged the audience. Not only did she touch upon her different roles in past and upcoming films, but she also showed her love for the performing arts. She spoke about how she always had a passion to perform and how she loved to give something back to the audience. This led to her discussion about how she got into the film

Anna Kendrick signs her book, "Scrappy Little Nobody," for a fan at INBOUND 2016.PHOTO BY ALLY CHANG/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

Anna Kendrick signs her book for a fan at INBOUND 2016. PHOTO BY ALLY CHANG/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

industry and her path to success. She truly made her speech come to life by providing personal anecdotes and describing her experiences working with other respected people in Hollywood. It was so interesting to hear about the process behind making a movie and what goes on behind the scenes.

She also provided insightful commentary into the history behind her success and spoke briefly about some of her personal interests. Kendrick raved about her love for Netflix, which I’m sure a large number of her fans can relate to. Quirky facts like these made her relatable, which helped the audience connect with her on a deeper level. In that moment, she felt like someone that everyone could resonate with, not just a famous movie star that you see on screen.

Listening to Kendrick speak about her experiences and life story in Hollywood was already rewarding enough, but then I got the opportunity to speak with her face-to-face. Though there was a long line of people waiting for her book signing, it was definitely worth it. Each person only had around 30 seconds to speak with her, but she was so kind and friendly to each individual that approached her.

When it was finally my turn, I couldn’t believe that Anna Kendrick was literally right in front of me. It was surreal to see a star in real life after seeing them in some of your favorite films, and she’s just as beautiful in person as she is on screen. I told her I loved her in “The Accountant,” and she smiled sincerely at me, thanking me enthusiastically. Though she signed books for hundreds of people, she never acted impatient, and was always eager to meet her next fan.

INBOUND 2016 was an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet such uplifting individuals. The next time INBOUND comes to Boston, I highly recommend anyone to attend if they get the chance.

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