Ever wonder what kind of message you’re sending when you wear your favorite jacket? Don’t fret, here’s how you can find out! Disclaimer: these stereotypes don’t have to apply to you! But if the shoe fits — well, you know what to do.

The North Face fur fleece

You only kind of know what you’re doing when it comes to cold weather, but not really. Odds are you own one of these in every color available, and you’re probably from New Jersey. It’s fine though, because at least the fleece is cute.

Patagonia down-feather insulated 3-in-1 jacket

You either know winter and how to tolerate it, or you’re saying no to winter because you’re not from around here. If you’re the latter, then you’re aware that you need all the protection you can get. Odds are

Tweed coats resemble style, minimal warmth and a put-together lifestyle. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER MAEGAN TINTARI.

Tweed coats resemble style, minimal warmth and a put-together lifestyle. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER MAEGAN TINTARI.

you walked into the Patagonia store on Newbury Street and asked the nearest employee what to buy to survive the winter. They pointed to the most expensive item hanging on the racks and that’s what you bought. Either way, you’re prepared. Kudos to you.

The knee-length tweed coat

You either care more about looking nice than being warm, or you’re a professor. Regardless, it doesn’t matter because you probably live in Warren Towers or Bay State Road or commute to BU in your BMW sedan, so your physical walk to class and exposure to the elements is minimal. I love tweed coats: they’re

cute and they match your shoes exquisitely. Good job, you look more put together than the rest of us combined.

Just a hoodie

You were totally unprepared for the bipolar weather, and you don’t even know how to dress anymore. You’re not from the area and the hoodie was most likely just part of your welcome wagon, and now you know you’re screwed because the cold arrived early and you really need to go out and buy a coat. Welcome to Boston, my friend.

A fur coat

Joanne the Scammer, is that you?

No jacket at all

Don’t be that person. I don’t care if you’re from the Arctic Tundra and are used to the cold. You will get pneumonia if you don’t wear a jacket. We know you’re cold — you’re in Boston. Stop trying to be cool (no pun intended) because we can see your crystallized breath and we can see you shivering. For crying out loud, please go invest in a jacket that will, at least, last you the season. You can thank me later.