1. Venmo

We all know the stress of going out to dinner with a group of friends, getting the check and just staring at it. In confusion, we try to figure out how to divide the bill in six ways. Next, three of us say that we only have our cards, and we don’t have cash. Not only does this process annoy the customers, but it also annoys the waiters and waitresses. However, Venmo has solved this problem. With the app, you can connect your bank account to your account on Venmo, and pay people directly, without an extra fee. Now, one person can pay the check and get immediate payments from other people. We never have to worry about splitting costs.

2. ProximiT

ProximiT is an app that is extremely useful for Boston inhabitants because it tells users how many stops away the T is. Side note, if you use the Green Line, you are definitely aware of how unreliable it is. ProximiT uses the user’s location to accurately predict how far away the T is, and it really works! This has come in handy extremely late at night when I need to decide if I am going to take an Uber back home, or if the T is only a few stops away.

3. Find My Friends

Find Friends is an app that is actually already pre-downloaded on every iPhone. The way it works is that you can share your location with any of your contacts for an hour, an entire day or indefinitely. At first, it seems kind of creepy. But after using it for almost a year now, I have realized how useful it is, especially when I am trying to meet up with my friends that are all coming from different places. I can know if any of my friends are in my dorm if I have forgotten something. 

4. Uber and Lyft


Uber has tapped into budget-friendly wallets by introducing uberPOOL, a ride-sharing and carpooling feature to the app. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER FREESTOCKS.ORG.

This one is vital for college students, especially if you live in the city. Even though both Uber and Lyft can get pretty expensive, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, you can try using uberPOOL or Lyft Line. The prices usually go down by half if not more. But here’s a disclaimer: make sure you use the T when you can, because Uber rides can add up!

5. Meditation Studio

I stumbled across this app a few weeks ago, when I was traveling and extremely stressed. I always used to be weary of meditation and thought it would never work for me. However, in a stressful college environment, it can come in handy when you least expect it. If you have a few extra minutes in your day (and you’d be surprised how easily you can fit this in), try out this relaxation app.