If you needed a dose of Election Day truth displayed as comic relief, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 tweets to commemorate the end of this chaotic and epic election cycle:

1. The sad reality

Hes not wrong. Most people are torn between these two evilsor theyre so staunchly rooted in their love for one candidate that tonight can basically only end in riots. You can find me hiding under my covers waiting for this night (and possibly the next four years) to be over.

2. The mother of all political costumes

Why was Halloweekend over before I saw this? Everyone has brought up these emails, Trump has kept his campaign alive on them and Hillary has tried to avoid the topic at all costs, so of course this was the perfect costume. Right next to a classic red-sweatered Ken Bone of course.

3. Classic millennial attitude

What are debates if not an opportunity to drink on a Tuesday? Id be pretty shocked if the average human even survived five minutes with this game though, especially if they decided to go that many rounds with Jose Cuervo.

4. The man asking the important question

Buying a domain name off of someone isnt cheap, and negotiating it is even worse. Apparently, Trump could not buy off the owner of @DonaldTrump and Im pretty sure whoever has it is using it just to spite Trump. The users one and only tweet redirects you to Trumps actual Twitter handle, @realDonaldTrump. Savage?

5. Your favorite reality TV show is ending

She said it all. Game over, America. Run for Canadamaybe theyll take us under asylum.

6. Sometimes a little distraction helps us laugh off the pain

Literally, there are posts on posts about Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer. As a major fan of conspiracy theories, I praise this man for this tweet. This is more compelling than anything Ive ever heard from Trump or Hillary these past few months. These are solid cold, hard facts here, people.

7. We are all this dog

At this point, if someone says election,its like ipecac syrup: insta-puke. Its stressful, annoying and involves hair falling out with puking madness.

8. Watching election results

There are no words. This picture sums up every emotion people felt very accurately.

9. Lester Holt until the end of time

Election season has killed his soul more than it has the rest of America. Were sorry, but well be joining you in the drinking spirit shortly. Soon, everyone will feel this way.

Its the little things in life

If this doesnt make you giggle, Im not sure what will. Is he the next Ken Bone? Possibly. But at least Harry Potter magic is all around us in this time of need. Maybe we should all just read J.K. Rowlings new book and pretend that Hogwarts is real and that we live there now.

The election may be over, and you might be feeling down and out, but you will never be Ted Cruzs father. Thanks for providing a solid year of brutal Zodiac jokes, Ted. Your race to presidency is over, but never forgotten.