Apple has been dominating and straight-up running a monopoly over the electronics market. With the advent of the first iPhone nearly a decade ago, it’s safe to say that Apple founders have changed the world. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and I’m not sure how well Apple leaders can read between the lines. While its products are grade A, it tends to enjoy the cathexis created by its audience on a narcissistic level. If you’re an Apple user of any kind, you are well acquainted with at least three of the seven things listed below:

1. The never-ending iPhone screen cracks.

The iPhone’s sensitive screen and Apple’s exorbitant repair charges have left me more broke than ever. iPhones are precarious items that must be treated with the same tender love and care as a small child. On top of that, Apple forces us to buy those goofy looking covers to protect our iPhones from even a simple scratch. The screen is more fragile than a man’s ego and the repair costs may as well burn a hole in your pocket.

2. iPhone chargers that keep disappearing or self-destructing.

Chargers are the one thing you need to keep your iPhone alive and kicking. To put it simply, they don’t last you a long time. I have been using an iPhone for four years and it’s safe to say I have gone through at least 12 chargers. I have tried to be smart and buy a non-Apple charger off the internet, but trust me, that will kill your iPhone before your frustration with the charger will kill you.

3. The iPhone 7’s incompatibility with the other Apple products.

This is worse news than my best friend breaking up with her boyfriend. I recently invested in an iPhone 7

Apple's newest Macbook and iPhone 7 have caused controversy among loyal Apple followers. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

Apple’s newest Macbook and iPhone 7 have caused controversy among loyal Apple followers. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

and while I’m proud to have a phone that looks and feels exactly like my last one, I can’t even steal a friend’s earphones anymore. I have worse news for those who bought an iPhone 7 and are looking to buy the new MacBooks — you can’t even charge your phone on your laptops anymore! So long my classroom charging days.

4. Every Mac has a different charger.

Why can’t Apple keep the chargers the same for all of its Macs? This is a very valid question. What made the people at Apple decide to make two versions of the same charger? This just makes life very confusing and frustrating when you’re the only one at a team meeting with an older or newer version of the same laptop. It hurts to see people borrow each other’s chargers because they can. 

5. My iPhone’s storage has less capacity than my brain before a midterm.

Even those who don’t own iPhones know about this first-world problem. iPhones just never have storage. At least they have a solution to this problem with the new iPhone 7. You don’t have the option to buy regular gigabytes anymore, so you have to either buy the lowest amount of storage and suffer, or the highest amount of GBs and forever save the accidental screenshot of your homescreen.

While I’m ranting, Apple is probably counting its coins (which are gold, at this point). So we know who the real winner really is. Here’s hoping they find a charity to donate to (their customers make for a good one).