1. The Breakfast Club

Diners are usually drawn to this place because it shares a name with the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club.Other than some quirky movie references on its menu, such as The Princessor The Jock,the restaurant doesnt actually have much to do with any movie, but dont be disappointed! They are always playing ’80s music, and the interior is adorned with a plethora of old movie posters that ultimately imbue a sense of nostalgia. Not only does the restaurant provide a great ambience, but it also offers enough comfort breakfast food for anyone to appreciate. Whether you prefer a savory or sweet meal to start off your day, The Breakfast Club is sure to fulfill your needs.

2. Dolphin Bay

Coming from a Taiwanese background, Ive been craving food that reminds me of my motherland, especially lately. Dolphin Bay is a short walk from West Campus, but its also a reasonably priced restaurant that serves the epitome of Taiwanese cuisine. This includes classic boba milk tea, beef noodle soup, spicy wontons, braised pork rice and so much more. As soon as you walk in, the employees warmly greet every customer, making you feel welcomed into their comfortable dining atmosphere. The best part about this restaurant is not just its flavorful food, but its nostalgic taste of home.

3. Hi B3ar

This is an absolute must-go-to if you need to treat yourself! This isnt just your ordinary ice cream shop. This particularly tasty dessert comes in the form of rolls, where they freshly make

Hi B3ar's Thai rolled ice cream is the newest hotspot to check out in Allston. PHOTO BY SARAH SILBIGER/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

Hi B3ar’s Thai rolled ice cream is the newest hotspot to check out in Allston. PHOTO BY SARAH SILBIGER/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

your ice cream on a frost top. Not only is it mesmerizing to watch them make the ice cream, but

its also absolutely delicious and totally Instagram worthy! There are a multitude of flavors to choose as your ice cream base, and you can also add as many toppings as you want. This includes popping boba, shredded coconut, cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallows and thats just the beginning of the list. What more could you ask for in such a mouthwatering and fulfilling treat?

4. Seoul Soulongtang

After visiting Korea this summer, Ive been craving Korean food that is authentic and comforting. Especially with the weather getting colder, youll definitely be craving a warm soup to fill you up in the winter, and this is the place to go. Their soulongtang soup is one of the best that Ive ever tasted: its packed with vegetables and meat but still carries a light flavor. Considering the dish is the title of the restaurant, its definitely a must-have. This place is extremely popular because there always seems to be a line, but I promise that its worth the wait.

5. Le’s Vietnamese Restaurant

If youre ever craving a nice bowl of pho, hit up Les for a satisfying meal. Every time I go, I order the same items off their menu (because its just that good). I love their classic pho with brisket, and I also order their fried spring rolls. The portion sizes are filling to the perfect amount, and it doesnt leave you feeling bloated or regretful afterwards thanks to their light flavors and fresh ingredients. Their service is also extremely efficient so if youre looking for a quick but delicious meal, just stop by youre sure to leave with an un-pho-gettable experience.