The Boston Public Market, located at 100 Hanover St., has the most eclectic mixture of foods and treats that a person could ask for. The building is full of hustle and bustle as college kids, foodies and families alike follow the trail that their nose brings them on. This indoor, year-round market is open daily, inviting customers to return later if they didn’t have enough room in their bellies to try everything.

1. Q’s Nuts

This family-run business is full of energy and good vibes. They make and sell tons of different flavors of roasted nuts. From chocolate coconut almonds, to maple bourbon pecans, to cayenne

Q's Nuts offer the widest selection of locally sourced nuts. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

Q’s Nuts offer a wide selection of locally sourced nuts. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

mango cashews, their flavors are bound to entice any nut lover. Their staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their products. The employees share the wealth with customers as they spoon handfuls of nuts into their palms. The nuts are fresh, crunchy and pack a lot of punch in just a small bite.

2. Siena Farms

Siena Farms is a year-round producing farm with the most beautiful flowers and vegetables. Their arrangements are exquisite and fresh. The majority of the flowers they have can’t normally be found at the flower section of your local grocery store. From vibrant sunflowers to potatoes and beets, the shop’s products are absolutely beautiful.

3. Soluna Garden Farm

Soluna Garden Farm is a herb and tea shop meant for people who love fresh and fun flavors. Their product packaging is absolutely adorable and eye-catching. From meat rubs to fresh herbal teas, the products range wide enough to get a gift for everyone you know.

4. Red Apple Farm

Right by the door, Red Apple Farm’s products fill the air with the smell of warm, fresh apple

Apples are always in season at Red Apple Farm. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

Apples are always in season at Red Apple Farm. PHOTO BY MADELINE FOLEY/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF.

cider donuts. Not only did they have donuts, but they also had fresh, hot apple cider to warm up customers on a breezy fall afternoon. The donuts will melt in your mouth like butter on a hot piece of toast — that’s how fresh they are.

5. Taza Chocolate

The Mexican-style stone ground chocolate company has a factory based in Somerville. At their store, you can purchase pre-packaged chocolate, delicious beverages or even chocolate by the pound. On their display, they have freshly ground chocolate alongside almond butter, cinnamon and various types of ingredients necessary for their incredible drinks. The “Chocolate Baristas” can help you create your own drink with either cow milk, almond milk or water. An employee favorite was the “Cacao-Abunga” made with cow milk, which is made with almond butter, chocolate and cinnamon. If you’re completely unaware as to what stone-ground chocolate tastes like, they had samples on hand for people to try, as their full bars of chocolate were a bit more on the expensive side.

The main goal of the market is to support local companies. Each store was either a local company, or sold products created by a local. It’s the type of place that you can continue to go to repeatedly, and each company is always changing up their products and treats. It’s definitely worth the trip to Haymarket Station, as the Boston Public Market has something to offer for every person’s likings.