Whether youre an avid coffee drinker or more of a tea person, youre always looking for cute places to relax and get some work done. Sometimes you just want to find a café to take a cute Instagram picture or two, so here are 5 coffee shops youll definitely want to check out to boost your energy and your feed:

1. Thinking Cup

@girlpolish sees the good light. What a feeling with this shot!

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Picture a snowy afternoon in a Hallmark Christmas movie: a woman walks into a café for a quick latte. The café in the movie is cozy, buzzing, chic yet vintage. That fictional coffee shop could easily be Thinking Cup. Heres the low-down:

  • There are three locations around Boston (Back Bay, North End and Boston Common), so no need to worry about finding one close by.
  • The coffee itself is rich and bold. The menu ranges from coffees, teas and breakfasts to specialized gluten-free and dairy-free options.
  • The aesthetic quality and Instagramabilityis well above average. The furniture and overall layout of this café is beyond adorable. So come alone or with a friend, and get those filters ready!
  • They do some really good foam art here with their lattes. Isnt that enough to convince you?

2. Tatte Bakery and Café

my new fav #shakshuka with potato / bacon.

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My friends India and Sophia are constantly Snapchatting this place. To quote my friend, its literally the cutest place ever.I was intrigued, and did my research using Instagrams location search. Ive concluded the following things:

  • There are six locations around Boston, the nearest one in Brookline and the newest one in Harvard Square.
  • The store is ridiculously cute. The theme is white, brick walls, marble countertops and lots of adorable plants. This place screams Instagram me now!
  • The vibe is more outdoors-y, modern and fresh.
  • Its good for brunch! Theres just as much hype about the pastries and meals as there is about the drinks. Its the best of both worlds!

3. Neighborhoods Coffee And Crepes

When your client recommends meeting over crepes ??

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My friend I stumbled upon this place after going to the Museum of Fine Arts last weekend. I was craving coffee, we were both a little hungry and a quick Yelp search solved both of these issues. We saw the word coffee next to the word crepes and ordered an Uber in less than a minute. Here are some highlights:

  • Great coffee. I remember getting a soy vanilla latte and it was so creamy and flavorful. Not too sweet, yet not too bitter. It was probably on the verge of magical.  
  • We both got the Bananas Fostercrepe. For just $4.65, you can get a warm and fresh crepe with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and banana oh my!
  • Seating is very limited and a little cramped, but worth the wait. Neighborhoods has a very cute ambiance and look. Its layout is a mix of both Thinking Cup and Tatte.
  • Definitely Instagramable. There are photogenic houses and streets right next to this café so theres inspiration everywhere.
  • The staff was super nice and extremely friendly.

4. Render Coffee

This happened ❣️

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I came here with my brother for the first time. He went to Boston University as well, and wouldnt stop talking about the lattes from Render, so I got a latte from Render and holy moly. All I have to say is this: go try it for yourself. I cant, and wont, even try to describe the experience of this latte because I wouldnt do it justice. It was amazing. Ill leave it at that. But to get a little bit more specific:

  • There are 3 locations: South End, the Financial District and coming soon, Kendall Square.
  • The place is almost, if not just, as cozy as Thinking Cup. Warning: Several hours can easily be spent here.
  • Aesthetic and Instagramability are an easy yes.
  • Seating is spacious, the aura is relaxing and workers (and customers) are typically trendy.

5. Blue State Coffee

Its a café for all: vegans, non-vegans, gluten-free people, etc.! Blue State has something to offer for almost everyone. Fun fact: this café chain is actually a family business. Did the adorableness of Blue States backstory persuade you yet? On top of that, this coffee shop is more efficient than it is leisurely. To elaborate, Ill give you some more specifics:

  • Its smallreally small. A lucky few can bring their laptops and sit by a table, but for the most part, its a get-your-coffee-and-go kind of place.
  • The aesthetic and Instagramable part is a bit sub-par, mostly because its pretty small and focused more on its product rather than its aesthetic.
  • But this isnt a bad thing! In fact, it just means that Blue States coffee and pastries are super deliciously yummy (which they are).
  • Get an iced soy vanilla latte. Youre welcome.