Boston is arguably one of the most photogenic cities out there. There are plenty photo-worthy places to visit, however, if you’re only here for a few days, make sure you check out the following locations to boost up your Instagram feed and show off your trip:

1. Brattle Book Shop

The Brattle Book Shop is one of America’s oldest book shops and has the perfect outdoor aesthetic. They put bookcases outside in the alley next to their store, and it’s extremely photogenic. You’re bound to get an amazing picture.

|made it to this cute little spot, only to find out their are closed on Sundays|

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2. Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library, known to many people as “BPL,” is known for its gorgeous study space. Bates Hall, also known as the reading room, has a Hogwarts appeal and is the perfect place to snap a photo before doing your work.

bc mugar is ugly

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3. Dig Inn

Dig Inn is one of the newest healthy fast-food restaurants in Copley Square. It is always packed, but the place is beautiful. You’re guaranteed to love the picture you take of your food.

4. Graffiti Alley in Cambridge

If you’re looking for a more colorful photo, check out the Graffiti Alley in Cambridge. The colors are so vibrant that it’s impossible to take a bad photo.

Coffee always in hand ☕️

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5. Tatte Bakery and Café

Tatte is one of the most classic cafés in Boston. This past year, they re-did their Brookline location and opened a two-story spot in Harvard Square. Try the Avocado Tartine or the Shakshuka for your tastebuds (and your Instagram). You’ll love it!

6. Museum of Fine Arts

Everyone loves a museum for some great photos. The Museum of Fine Arts is the perfect spot to take some artsy photos. Check out the contemporary wing — there are a ton of awesome pieces to feature on your feed.

7. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is another museum that is guaranteed to leave you with countless Instagram posts. You’ll find a beautiful garden in the center of the museum and when the sun is out, the photos are incredible.

does this museum pic make me look classy, educated and approachable?

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8. Charles River Esplanade

It’s impossible to tour Boston without a trip to the Esplanade. Located just five minutes from Boston University’s campus, there are many photo-ops on the serene dock at the Charles River.

Reasons I love fall pt. 2: ??

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9. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is one of the staple neighborhoods of Boston. There are tons of little shops and beautiful homes throughout the cobblestone streets. The views are especially perfect during the fall.

No place does October better than New England ?????

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10. Bay State Road

One of the most beautiful spots on Boston University’s campus is Bay State Road. No matter what the season is, the brownstones and secluded street makes for an extremely peaceful walk and great photos.

“Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower.” — some really famous writer

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