When temperatures start to drop, its tempting to stay in instead of going out. But dont let the cold weather stop you from adventuring into Allston. Here are some tips for going out, but staying warm and safe at the same time.

1. Wear your booties.

This is the right time to wear your Uggs, thigh-high boots and booties. They will keep you warm and still keep you in style. Not to mention, it was probably annoying to have people step on your toes during summer parties. You dont have to worry about that anymore!

Winter doesn't mean you have to stop your party plans on the weekend. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stop your party plans on the weekend. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

2. Bring a light jacket with you.

You need a jacket if youre walking to a party or if you need to wait for a friend on the street. Its going to be cold during the night but you can wear a light jacket to just tie around your waist after youre warmed up. This will save you the trouble of finding a spot to keep your jacket safe and digging it from a pile of jackets when you leave.

3. If you bring a down jacket

There will be days when you have to wear a down jacket out, especially when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Normally people will pile their jackets up at a party, but there are two problems with that: 1) It will be really hard to find your jacket at the end and 2) people might spill drinks or even worse, throw up on them. One way to avoid this is to hide your jacket somewhere, whether its behind the sofa, in a cabinet, etc.

4. Do not bring your accessories.

Dont bring a scarf, ear muffs or gloves unless youre going to wear them throughout your night out. Youre probably going to lose them.

5. Where to keep your phone.

Its a good idea to have your phone and some cash on you just in case. A trick is to keep some cash in your phone case if it fits in there. Some people hold onto their phones throughout the party, but theres a great chance that youll drop it or leave it in the bathroom. Heres a season-only trick: you can keep your phone in your boots while partying. Just remember you put it in there, or youll have a hard time looking for it.

6. Party close to home.

In terms of finding a party, pick one thats not too far away. In the event that its late and you cant get an Uber, being a walking distance from home will save you a lot of trouble.

7. Dance the cold away.
Dancing is fun. If youre already a dancer, enjoy the party and dance more. If you normally just stand by and chill, consider dancing to warm yourself up. Imagine yourself walking into a warm and crowded party from a freezing winter night. Joining the crowd will definitely keep you alive.