Its 3 a.m. Youre sitting in your dorm room, perhaps on your bed or at your desk. The lights are off and all thats left is the dim glow of your desk lamp or the string lights on your wall (for all my Pinterest ladies out there). Youve read over 50 pages of some dumb textbook and have been studying for your midterm for the past four hours. Your brain is fried. Sound familiar?

Now that the school year is in full swing, these moments are probably more frequent than wed like to admit. Who can blame us? Being caught up in the feels is part of the quintessential college experience. All we can do is embrace them while listening to good music. As you wallow in self-pity, think back on every crush youve ever had, stress-cry and then ponder the meaning of life while giving this playlist a listen. Its the perfect blend of emotions, vibes and deep melodies that will put your overactive mind at ease. Relax, enjoy and most importantly, hang in there, friend.