Just as we’re finally getting into the rhythm of school, our schedules are totally thrown off by the inevitable dread of midterm season. For many universities, that time is now. While midterm stress takes a toll on its victims individually, it permeates throughout campuses at large. The air of midterm week is one imbued with sporadic anxiety, sleepless nights and sentiments of hopelessness. Our attention spans can only last so long, so to pull you out of the midterm funk, here are some feel-good posts and viral videos that will make you smile, laugh and gush with affection towards something adorable.

1. This darling 9-month-old already has more hair than you ever will.

2. Vans launched a “Toy Story” inspired collection.

A pair of shoes has “Andy” written on the bottom and it really tugged at my heartstrings

3. This dog getting a massage that represents exactly what we all need right about now.

Warning: those of you who just pulled an all-nighter may fall asleep before this video ends.

4. The father with the best solution to preventing his triplets from arguing in the back seat of the car.

“I’m always using creative solutions. You have to when you are outnumbered,” said the dad to Buzzfeed.

5. The male leads of “High School Musical” reunited to cheer on Corbin Bleu at his latest Broadway show “Holiday Inn.”

My desire to dance and sing on cafeteria tables is seriously tingling.

6. You can buy toilet paper with the face of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on it.

No explanation necessary.

7. Adele struggling at the gym is so relatable.

We all have a love-hate relationship with that feeling you get after not hitting the gym for a while and feeling our muscles writhe in pain.

8. Dad makes the most impressive DIY “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course for his daughter and she totally nails it.

It’s as if the king of all jungle gyms met television, met master carpentry.

9. Harry Potter makeup palettes that we hope will become a real deal.

I sense the creation of a petition in the near future.