We all know the struggle of not being able to connect to a network, or the torture of watching Apple’s spinning wheel of death. In a time when most people can’t go a full hour without their phones, losing your Wi-Fi connection can leave an individual lost and confused. However, with the right alternatives, this could possibly lead to your most productive afternoon ever and leave you with more free time than you thought possible.

1. Socialize with a friend technology-free.
Back in the day, people didn’t stay up for hours texting their friends. Not having connection bars could inspire you to strike up a conversation with someone nearby, or have a real conversation with a friend without the disturbance of checking Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time.

2. Take a walk, not a nap.
Wi-Fi can keep you up for hours, whether it’s watching Netflix or tagging your friends in the comments section of Facebook memes. While you don’t need to run a marathon, it might be fun to run some errands to your local Whole Foods or take a walk along the Charles River Esplanade to see what’s happening in the real world around you.


On a college campus, there’s many ways to productively spend your time without Wi-Fi. PHOTO VIA PEXELS.

3. Catch up on sleep.
Contrary to my last point, a majority of people end their day by plopping onto their beds and staring at their phone. Sleep is already rare for a college student, so make it your goal to turn off your phone when you hit the sack. If you have an event to go to later that night, you can take a power nap that will probably help you out more than a Netflix spree.

4. Declutter your life (and mind).
Whether it’s organizing your photos into albums or color-coding your school work, phone time is prime time to declutter. If you’re in your room, maybe take care of the piles of clothes growing or see if there’s anything you can get rid of to free up some much-needed dorm space.

5. Bring out your creative side.
Though it may sound hard and time-consuming, freeing yourself from the internet can lead to major inspiration. You don’t need to write a novel, but maybe try taking artsy pictures of your surroundings, or practice your hand at drawing. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish when the server is down.

6. Contemplate your goals at the BU Beach.
As strange as it may seem, a lack of Wi-Fi is the perfect time to take a break and just think about life. Hectic schedules and caffeinated drinks can keep us moving so fast that we end up having little or no time to actually take a breather or two. Have a conversation with yourself about how things are going. It’ll help you set future goals and face the rest of your day stronger than ever.