“There are two types of people in this world. People who hate clowns … and clowns” – Bobby Pendragon

According to recent police reports, people in clown costumes have been targeting little children and lurking in the woods. The amount of clown sightings has exponentially exploded from a few to almost one a day.

This is a nightmare come true. As a kid I would pretend to be brave and watch Goosebumps with my friends. The countless hours I spent watching the show lead to my completely rational fears of marionettes, ghosts and worst of all, clowns.  Now on Halloween, I’m going to be twice as scared as I normally am. With every clown I see, I won’t be sure if it’s an innocent trick-or-treater or a bloodthirsty psychopath.  

When I first heard about these attacking clowns, I thought it was a joke. A very sick joke, but nonetheless a joke. With all the horrible things happening around the world, the insanity of clowns terrorizing America seemed unreal.

Then I learned from my friend’s mom that her daughter’s school was on lockdown after a clown was reported to have been seen near the school. The situation turned from a Facebook news story to a Stephen King-esque reality.

Soon, social media exploded. Now, clowns are everywhere and they’re coming to get you. I felt as if I was watching anti-Communist propaganda. My first reaction when I realized there were legitimately clowns threatening nearby areas was, “I need to get some protection.” The only problem was that my knowledge on how to protect myself from clowns comes from cartoons. From this, I learned that under normal clown circumstances, a seltzer bottle or a pie will protect you.

gif via WORDPRESS.

gif via WORDPRESS.

Jokes aside, I became increasingly terrified. At one point, I even saw the upsides of having an increased police presence, open carry gun laws and mandatory curfews. These ideas were contradictory to everything I believe in, but my fear of clowns took over my beliefs and threw them out the window.

My political opinions are something I hold very dear. To simply disregard them because of an irrational fear of clowns seemed ludicrous. Then I started thinking about our reactions after terrorist attacks. Peaceful people tend to begin acting like war hawks.

For months, I could never understand how people could be fear mongered into changing their beliefs. Donald Trump’s scare tactics hadn’t worked on me, but it amazed me how many people were following his preachings.

Trump is not behind the clown invasions, but he has been a political clown for the last year and a half.  His rhetorical tactics have captivated audiences and brainwashed them into believing a false world view. He has led people to believe that the world is out to get them and that he is the savior that will protect them.

gif via GIPHY.com

gif via GIPHY.com

Through the horrible example of clowns, I started to understand how fear can change you. Fear can turn a liberal into a conservative, an atheist into a believer and a lover into a hater. As human beings, we should acknowledge fear like we do all emotions — through reflection. We have to reflect on how our emotions affect us or else they’ll get the best of us.

If we neglect to analyze our fears, then we will act impulsively. If we allow ourselves to give into fear, the next four years are going to be a lot scarier than a few creepy clown sightings.

gif via WORDPRESS.com

gif via WORDPRESS.