Im studying English here at Boston University. I do realize that is subject to change, but I doubt it actually will. Reading and writing compose two flames in my heart that have never dwindled, and English-related things have always come naturally to me.

Just because Im confident in my abilities as a reader and writer doesnt mean others automatically have faith in me as well. Throughout high school, I always had an inkling that I wanted to study English, and as the years wore on, the vague idea only blossomed into a concrete desire. But whenever I mentioned the schools I was planning on applying to, my teachers would often give me funny looks and ask why. Why spend so much money to go to such a great university if you just want to study English? You cant make money as an English major, and youll be spending the rest of your life paying off student loans anyway. You might as well stay local and save your money where you can.

English majors are underrated, especially at private universities. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

English majors are underrated, especially at private universities. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

While these comments may have deterred other students in the past, they didnt faze me. For the past four years Ive been convinced that I want to get a degree in English, and I also know that I deserve to attend and learn from a top-rated school like BU.

Beyond that, I also recognize the importance of English majors in the world. As with any other professional field, were valuable and can help serve a higher purpose in society. English majors can communicate their ideas clearly, and as eloquently or colloquially as necessary. We understand the value of language and all the incredible things we can do with words. English is also such an undervalued subject. Its more than just sitting in an armchair in a low-lit study lounge surrounded by anthologies and smoking a pipe while tapping away on a refurbished typewriter. English has worth and it has purpose. Studying English has infinite applications, from law to public relations to journalism. Sure, its not as obviously and directly linked to success the way STEM majors are, but that doesnt diminish its importance.

Im not going to college because society tells me I have to, and Im also not going for the sole reason of finding a well-paying job. Im getting a higher education because I truly, truly love to learn new things. Ive been at BU for a little over one month now, and Ive loved every second of it; Ive learned so many new things that I never would have dreamt of otherwise, and its incredible. English is something Im truly passionate about reading and writing make me happy, and I cant just ignore that. My happiness comes first, and I believe that my choice is the right one. I believe English has value, so Im pursuing it, because I want to learn as much as I can about a subject I sincerely love.

This is a testament to everyone facing a similar problem: if you believe in something, do it. Be selfish and do what you love, because, at the end of the day, no one else is going to do it for you. So, why am I going to BU if I just want to be an English major? Because I want to.