College is weird. Before I left for school, I realized that I was no longer going to be in the familiar setting of New Jersey. I had never moved and had only known the same people my whole life, but I was ready to try something new. Boston University was my chance to explore a new city, meet new people and challenge myself. After a month in, I started to miss a few things about life back home. If you also traveled far for school, here are the five things youll miss most from home.


1. You long for your dog.
Theres nothing I loved more than my 9-pound maltipoo waking me up with her kisses. I did everything with my little sidekick, and not being able to go home to see Daisy was the biggest adjustment. Realizing she wasnt there to motivate to do my work made me look for every opportunity possible to pet a dog. For all my other people out there missing their pooches, just remember youre only a dog park away from having a great day.


Your dog misses you, too. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.


2. Youll see all of your friends going home for the weekend.

As the third week of college rolled around, maybe 50 percent of my friends started making their weekend laundry trips home. My friends at BU and from home started driving home for some quality nap time. We all miss our beds, but when youre a five-hour drive away (without traffic) from your room, the yearning becomes real when you look through everyones Snapchat stories. I often dream of sleeping at home, but Ill just live vicariously through everyone else for now.


3. You miss your shower.

College hasnt disappointed me much, except for every time I use the bathroom. Hour-long showers after a long workout are no longer an option. The shower has been a shared struggle with everyone on my floor, but the only thing worse than being forced into a communal bathroom is when the only shower with water pressure is taken up.


4. Youll miss having your own room.
Most people dont share a room with a complete stranger when theyre at home, but college just throws you into the deep end. Lucky for me, and many others, I love my roommate. Were the same amount of messy, have the same study habits and never fight. The horror stories Ive heard all turned out to be hyperboles, but the comfort of sitting in your towel for a few hours after your shower will still be missed.

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5. Youll miss the food.
This is by far the worst part about college. I love BU, but nothing in the dining hall will ever compare to my moms food. From her all-organic lifestyle to her creative cooking flare, my moms food will always be the best. I would do anything to eat one of her vegetable pot-pies made from scratch (even the dough).

gif via TUMBLR.

gif via TUMBLR.

Even though this list was a bit of a Debbie Downer, I actually love college. Ive finally adjusted and Im starting to feel at home, but like most of the people I know, we all miss home. When youre dealing with homesickness, just remember that home is only a few short months away.