One day, I came across an article titled Are my jumpers bobbly?and was taken aback. My British teacher laughed when I told her that I didnt fully get what it meant, and then she proceeded to explain that it meant,are my sweaters pilling?

That slight hesitation is an example of how British English differs from American English. Here are a few of the many words Ive learned during my time abroad.

1. Bloke

This is a word used to talk about a man.

2. Lollies

Is referring to lollipops or popsicles.

If you ever go to London, it'd be worth a try to snog at Snog. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

If you ever go to London, it’d be worth a try to snog at Snog. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

3. Pants

In England, pants mean underwear. So, if you compliment somebodys pants, they might look at you very oddly.

4. Jumper

A jumper is a sweater.

5. Chips

Here, chips are fries. Its common to hearfish and chipsall here, especially since nearly every restaurant claims they have the best fish and chips.

6. Crisps

Crisps, however, are chips. Confusing, right?

7. Bloody hell

A phrase thats used all the damn time.

8. Snog/snogging

This means to kiss. Side note: snogis also a frozen yogurt stand here. You can technically snog at Snog.

9. Maths

It is the same word except they add a sat the end. Why? Im not too sure of that.

10. Trainers

This is the word to say sneakers.

11. Tea towel

Tea towels are what we call dish towels. Speaking of tea, Im officially a tea addict after coming to England.

12. Zed

In England, they pronounce the letter zas zed. When I went to the London Zoo, an employee kept saying Zed-S-Linstead of ZSL(which stands for the Zoological Society of London.)

Congratulations! Now you are officially a Brit.