It’s been two months since we were blessed with the release of “Stranger Things,” the ‘80s pop culture throwback we never knew we needed. Yet people can’t stop talking about the show and its wonderful characters, especially the four main children on the show. I mean, who isn’t completely in awe of Eleven? She brought back attention to the beauty of telekinetic powers that earlier rose to popularity with the release of “Matilda” and “Carrie.” The greatest thing about this show (aside from its sci-fi coolness) is the fact that it pays attention to side character development. I mean, who would’ve thought that I’d ultimately end up liking Steve “Hair”rington?

Could Leslie Knope find her own "Stranger Things" mother? PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Will Jean-Ralphio Saperstein lure Steve Harrington into his death-faking, money-making schemes? PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Speaking of whom, several fans were quick to notice the resemblance between Steve Harrington and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein from “Parks and Recreation.” The fact that both shows are set in Indiana added fuel to fire and now everyone is convinced that Steve Harrington is Jean-Ralphio’s real father. The two actors who play the respective characters came together for a mini-sketch on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where they addressed the theory and essentially confirmed it.

In lieu of this wonderful reunion between a father and his son, here are four potential storylines of a “Stranger Things” and “Parks and Recreation” crossover series.

1. Pawnee Hawkins – Steve Harrington finds himself stuck in the Upside Down only to discover that he’s in Pawnee. Chaos ensues when he, confused and scared, runs into Entertainment 720 to find his future son partying it up with Tom Haverford. Tom is stunned by Steve’s outfit and helps him choose clothes from Rent-A-Swag.

2. Leslie Meets Steve – Leslie’s first meeting with Jean-Ralphio’s father doesn’t go so well. She finds herself comparing Steve to her No. 1 archnemesis, Greg Pikitis. However, when Steve mentions the absence of Eleven and her love for Eggo waffles, Leslie can’t help but think that Eleven is her real mother. Oh, what she would do to enjoy some breakfast food at JJ’s Diner with Eleven.

3. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion (with telekinesis) Show – Andy gets confused and assumes that Steve is the one with telekinetic powers, and begs him to make an appearance on his show to up the ratings.

4. Two Funerals – Jean-Ralphio tries to get Steve to join him and his sister Mona-Lisa in their scheme to get more money by faking their deaths. Steve finds himself yearning for the comfort of Hawkins, despite the unresolved mystery of the Upside Down and the monsters lurking within.

The fact that these actors took note of the fan’s theories and actually came together proves that the internet is a wonderful place, indeed.