Do you know what happens when a designer cum engineer sits down and puts pen to paper? Kayla Matheus and Laura Day did just that and invented a device that is clearly going to save the world (or at least make it a better place).

The two are co-founders and creators of MOTI, an invention that will “moti”vate you to inculcate good habits and break the bad ones. MOTI is a step above regular technology — it’s a wellness companion device, designed to remind you to repeat good actions and receive instant gratification in return. Working with the simple technique of classical conditioning and using positive reinforcement to generate desirable behavior, this device can do a lot of good for humanity.

With a threateningly large number of people across generations suffering from low self-esteem and self-doubt, this could be the tool that pulls mankind out from the dark ages of insecurity and shaming. For example, if you were told everyday that you are great and doing a fabulous job of simply being you, trust me, it would do wonders for your body image. Isn’t that why we love our moms and best friends? This is only one aspect of MOTI.

MOTI helps to promote good habits, such as drinking eight glasses of water a day. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

MOTI helps to promote good habits, such as drinking eight glasses of water a day. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Its main function is to make one quit bad habits and reinforce simple, doable good actions, such as drinking eight glasses of water a day or making someone smile. Something as simple as these good habits can lead to extraordinary results if followed up every day for a chunk of time. If you don’t believe me, try it out. Take one small step towards a bigger goal, then repeat this step everyday. Notice the change. Now imagine having a small friend to confide in, with a list of little steps to take throughout the day. Doesn’t this sound like a cheat code to becoming a happier human being?

MOTI’s secret charm lies in the heart of its design. It’s based on a three-cycle loop that helps form habits: trigger, routine and reward. Habits are an essential part of who we are and make up 45 percent of our daily routines on any given day, according to Mashable. If you feed in your demographics and personality profile, MOTI can help you reach the highest potential of yourself. You can literally be the best version of yourself.

This device works best with its app. You can leave the small buddy on your desk but have the words of encouragement follow you everywhere you go, on your phone or your wrist. It comes with customizable and changeable features that can be tailored to each person’s requirements. How awesome would it be if we continually had a friend who pushed us toward small achievable goals and rewarded us with a, “Hey man, that was great.” Better yet, MOTI doesn’t judge you for having silly goals.