1. You own a shirt that says, SED ROX

It was given to you at orientation and youve maybe worn it three times max. You also probably didnt wear it during matriculation, even though you were told to.


2. Everyone in your classes knows each other, except for those two random people who arent in SED.

On top of that, you feel completely comfortable sharing with the entire class, because chances are, youll spend the rest of the day with them.


3. You have to write a reflection about everything you read and do.

Did you do the reflection yet?


4. You judge all of your professors on their teaching styles and philosophies.

How could you not? Our teachers are literally teaching future teachers. Itd be ironic if we didnt think this way.


5. You cant take electives.

Which isnt a bad thing. SED kids are notorious for being passionate about what they do, so electives outside of SED arent that important to us.


6. Youve fallen asleep on the SED lobby couches too many times.

The buildings design is some sort of crossover between a library and a pre-school. In essence, it’s quiet and you can spend your whole day in the building, so you nap where you can.


7. You know your favorite snacks vending machine number as well as your peers favorite vending machine number.

C3 = peanut M&Ms.


8. You read a library worth of books every semester.

Disclaimer: most of them are childrens books.


9. You talk about your identity in nearly every class.

You complain, but you secretly love it.


10. On the first day of freshman year, you knew what you’d be taking senior spring because of the lovely/terrible grid.

Youve also strategically planned when youre taking all of your interdisciplinary classes so you can go abroad.


11. Youre pissed when you dont get a movement break in class.

Especially since you took a whole class on how important they are.


12. You worship Jennifer Bryson.

All hail the true queen of SED and elementary education.


13. You have to take summer classes to graduate on time.

Which will most likely be taken at your local community college.


14. You know there are no bathrooms on the first floor.

You gotta go to floor 3 1/2th for that.