Apple never fails to evolve and lure in millennials, making itself a more relatable brand by the minute. The new and improved plethora of iOS emojis are not only more lit than our Friday nights, but now they also promote gender equality.

Apple has taken a politically correct step by adding gender-fluid professions to its gallery of emojis, along with new sets of family emojis that include monoparenting and same-sex marriage. Kudos to Apple for remaining relatable and making life easier for us (besides, we love these charming faces way more than actual words).

Here’s a few delightful faces that describe the daily struggles of being a college student:

1. When you have 9 a.m. classes on a Friday

emoji1a emoji1b


2. TiTs (Tavern in the Square) Thursdays are lit Thursdays

emoji2b emoji2a


3. Waiting for the snow like…



4. When you and your best friend start digging up dirt on a crush or an enemy

emoji4b emoji4a


5. When your heart says yes but your liver and wallet say no

emoji5a emoji5b


6. When you realize you should’ve studied harder for your midterm

emoji6b emoji6a


7. Leaving class like…



8. When it’s FitRec time!



9. When the professor says there’s class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving



10. Sunday vibes:



11. When the professor says class participation is worth 5 percent of your grade


Emojis via Emojipedia.