Preppy, girly, goth — everyone rocks their own different and unique style. With the rising popularity of “athleisure,” a new style has blurred the line between athletically inclined people and those who just want to be comfortable. Athletic or not, these people can be found sporting T-shirts from their high school lacrosse team or yoga pants with a bright pair of sneakers. The list of stylish combinations goes on and on. Each is separate, different and a way to showcase an individual’s personality. There is one category, however, that has the ability to find itself in everyone’s closet: collegiate gear.

Boston University’s Barnes and Noble store is a collegiate gear mecca. They have everything from running shorts to (rather pricey) brand name sweaters with the BU logo stapled right on. Regardless, each article of clothing is at the whim of the wearer.

Recently, our favorite budget-friendly clothing store came out with a new line just for college students, but more specifically, Harvard students. H&M just launched a collegiate-inspired clothing line on H&M’s website under a special section called “College Cool.”

For the upcoming New England autumn, H&M has designed sweatshirts and hoodies with the Harvard appliqué detail plastered on the front in its signature crimson color. Also available are Harvard baseball T-shirts, shirts, joggers and even a cotton corduroy cap.

H&M reinvents college gear with a line of Harvard-inspired dorm wear. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER DAVID OHMER.

H&M reinvents college gear with a line of Harvard-inspired dorm wear. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER DAVID OHMER.

It’s not surprising to see that Harvard was the first of hopefully many more schools to be represented. Even though they’re right across the river from us, it’s safe to say they deserve a shoutout: Harvard is one of, if not the greatest, university in the United States.

What’s even better is that the prices of these pieces are no different than those of H&M’s other products. The H&M Harvard sweater costs less than the one you’ll find at the Harvard bookstore — $30 less. That does not come as a big surprise considering collegiate bookstores generously price their items. (A little too generously if you ask me).

Additionally, I was surprised by how stylish and cute the pieces are. Coupled with these affordable prices, these seem like a great deal. Even I’m tempted to snag a sweater despite the cross-river rivalry.

I think this unofficial collaboration is a great idea. I can definitely see H&M sales rising, especially around the Boston and Cambridge area. I’m intrigued to see how this goes. Will H&M enjoy their collegiate success or will their take on “college cool” flop and fizzle out?

With this line, I’m looking forward to seeing what else H&M has in store for the rest of us high-street enthusiasts. Seeing that H&M has a fairly formidable market share, is it possible that other retailers will come out with their own line of collegiate gear?

Hopefully H&M will release more pieces with other universities and schools represented. I would definitely be the first in line to buy a Boston University sweatshirt with an H&M price. Until then, I guess I’ll have to wait for Barnes and Noble’s annual Scarlet Fever to come around.