I think we can all agree that the release of Snapchat lenses last September was one of the most exciting additions to a social media platform in a while. With these new lenses, which are essentially interactive filters, being created regularly, I still find myself looking through them daily to see which will become my new go-to (the unicorn lens will always be a favorite of mine).

Recently, these lenses have seeped into life outside of Snapchat. From Halloween costumes to YouTube makeup tutorials, they are making appearances left and right, and have even made it onto the runway.

On Thursday, Desigual models sported Snapchat lens makeup, courtesy of MAC Cosmetics, during the clothing brand’s show at New York Fashion Week. That’s right — models cat-walked down the runway wearing brown dog snouts, flower crowns and feline-themed face makeup, all inspired by Snapchat lenses. This idea was a great publicity move for Desigual, earning it a lot attention over the last few days. That being said, I think this makeup look is even more impressive because it proves that there’s a discreet, yet surefire, way for brands to communicate with their audience.

First and foremost, the Snapchat lens makeup sets up a clear definition of Desigual’s clothing: young, fun and trendy. As a result, Desigual establishes its audience as one that conforms to that description. Those who understand where the makeup comes from are the target of, and possibly inspiration for, Desigual. Brilliant.

Desigual used Snapchat-inspired makeup to bring young, fun and trendy millennials back to its brand. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Desigual used Snapchat-inspired makeup to bring young, fun and trendy millennials back to its brand. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Branching off that idea, the Snapchat lens makeup actually works to make fashion more relatable to the regular Snapchat-loving millennial. It’s no secret that models can sometimes seem intimidating and their outfits are unrealistic. When high-fashion models are on the runway looking thin and elongated with dramatic locks, fierce makeup and over-the-top garments on, it’s so easy to think “that’s not for the real world” or “I could never pull that off.”

Unfortunately, that mindset can be discouraging, making people feel self-conscious and pushing individuals to hide their bodies rather than be proud of them. Today, body positivity is a growing movement, and it’s important for fashion to keep up with the times outside of color scheme and hemlines. Social trends are important, too. By incorporating a feature in its runway show that everyone with a smartphone can recognize and use, Desigual is normalizing fashion and the whole runway scene. These makeup looks bring Desigual’s clothing into the mainstream and demonstrate that its clothes are readily wearable, even for your average Joe (or Joanne).

I could be reading too much into Desigual’s Snapchat move, but the looks themselves are a bold move for the fashion world, so I imagine that a good deal of thought went into them. Desigual has for sure caught my attention, and for reasons that go beyond giving me a good chuckle. It has oh-so-cleverly put fashion in perspective, highlighting the fact that it’s an art that can be fun and creative for anyone.