Although I return to Boston University with two years of experience behind me, the cost of textbooks never fails to surprise me. I’m always wishing for easy ways to make money and pay for my textbooks. Recently, Twitter announced a way for college students to possibly make money doing something they already love.

Twitter announced they will help influential users monetize their content by adding pre-roll promotion to their video tweets. Unlike YouTube, which only gives its users a 55 percent cut, Twitter will up the ante and offer its users a generous 70 percent of the revenue gathered through advertisements. While this program doesn’t specifically target the college-student demographic, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Twitter opening up this scheme to a college audience.

Through the program, participants are in complete control of their videos and have the flexibility to choose which videos should have advertisements and which ones should not. In this age, social media users are unlikely to stay loyal to just one platform — and Twitter understands that. Users are free to monetize their videos on Twitter non-exclusively. Essentially, they can make money off of the same video on Twitter and YouTube if they wish to do so. Twitter users who are serious about achieving internet fame

A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your tweets. PHOTO COURTESY OF JISC.

A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your tweets. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER SEBASTIAAN TER BURG.

will love the program, as it gives them the chance to meet up with other creators and discuss ideas or collaborations. Finally, users enrolled in the program can obtain analytical data such as statistics, number of views and audience breakdowns by age, gender and more.

While the program sounds exciting and offers several opportunities for its participants, we have to think about its effect on other regular users. How often do we complain about one-minute advertisements we are forced to watch before our 30-second YouTube video? This program would bring that feature onto Twitter as well. Advertisements are the backbone of the entire program, but it’s irritating to sit through advertisements we’ve seen 50 times before. Of course, there is a simple solution — just get AdBlock, the Google Chrome add-on, and all of your worries will be solved.

This announcement reminded me of Twitter laying off around 336 employees back in October to make the company more efficient. While it sounded terrible that so many people lost their jobs, Twitter is proving to be organized and productive by coming up with these new programs. Hopefully, they will continue this creative run and offer advantages to all of their users.