2016 a year that will be remembered as the true return of Britney Spears: living legend and vanilla candle aficionado. Almost a decade after her heart-breaking breakdown was splashed all over the tabloids, all of the pieces have come together for the Princess of Pop. The gradual process of putting her life and career back together (from “Circus” to her groundbreaking Las Vegas residency) have culminated to the release of “Glory,” her ninth studio album, and her return to the MTV Video Music Awards stage for the first time in nine years.

After the disappointing results of Britney’s 2013 album “Britney Jean,” she was in major need of a career reset. Many have written her off in the intervening years, but “Glory” proves that Britney Spears is here to stay. All around, it’s an amazing album, rivaled only by Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” and it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart Sunday. I have been tasked with picking my six favorite songs off of “Glory,” which is basically akin to “Sophie’s Choice” or something.

1. “Do You Wanna Come Over?”

This late-night fun anthem sounds like a cut off from my favorite Britney Spears album, her 2003 magnum opus “In the Zone.” The song’s guitar riff recalls the iconic bhangra strings of “Toxic” and its lyrical content is a sibling to “The Hook Up” or “Showdown.” Without a doubt, “Do You Wanna Come Over?” is the high point of “Glory.” This is going to be quite the song for dancing at bars, which is the basic measure for most Britney Spears bops.

2. “Man On The Moon”

Britney Spears is known for her dance floor bangers, but she has a low-key extensive back catalogue of ballads and love songs, from “Everytime” to “Unusual You” to “Where Are You Now.” “Man On The Moon” is the album’s most heartfelt moment. The production is beautiful and Britney’s breathy voice contributes to the extraterrestrial feel of the song. Like many songs on “Glory,” “Man On The Moon” features some of Britney’s best vocals ever (undoubtedly improved by vocal lessons).

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3. “Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)”

Aside from G-Eazy’s unnecessary feature, “Make Me…” is a stunning song. It plays like a classic Britney Spears hit with a 2016 twist. The slow and steady pre-chorus builds up to an unforgettable refrain that I haven’t gotten out of my head since I first heard it almost two months ago. Selena Gomez wishes she could have a song that sounds like this.

4. “If I’m Dancing”

Another song that is just pure fun. While Beyoncé has striven to become more personal with each album, Britney has dedicated herself (just as importantly) to providing a constant stream of A+ dance hits, and “If I’m Dancing” fulfills that perfectly. Plus, the song is already providing some amazing memes.



5. “Slumber Party”

This mid-tempo R&B jam is Britney’s most blatant grab for a hit single and it pays off incredibly well. No one pulls off sexy quite like Britney and “Slumber Party” proves that once again.

6. “Just Like Me”

This song is quite the roller coaster. What starts off as a guitar-tinged bop quickly turns shimmery and electronic. This ode to infidelity is one of the album’s more adventurous tracks.

Britney Spears has not looked or sounded as happy as she does right now with “Glory.” Many have underestimated her throughout the years, but “Glory” is here to remind everyone that she’s still Britney, bitch.