At this point, if I told you an outrageous quote and claimed that Donald Trump had said it, you would probably believe me. You would also roll your eyes and exasperatedly tell me that everyone is tired talking about this. I would agree with you, but what if I said that Donald Trump, according to BBC, said, “At some point, I’m going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored.”

Would you believe that he wants to change his image and be more presidential?

Donald Trump says he plans on changing his image to become more presidential. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER GAGE SKIDMORE.

Donald Trump says he plans on changing his image to become more presidential. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER GAGE SKIDMORE.

Naturally, presidential candidates will not act the same way if they are ever elected president. In an election campaign, however, that has been so reliant on the personality of the candidates, claiming to change an entire personality does not sound organic. It sounds questionable.

I am not naïve enough to think that politicians are honest during campaigning. I am completely aware that you are not either. Nonetheless, the character of a person has always made a difference in the way the American people look at their candidates. Even though people do not expect honesty in politics, they expect the politicians to at least try their hardest to portray the expected image. The question of the reliability of character becomes an unspoken one, in some ways.

So when Trump’s senior aide, Paul Manafort, stated that Trump is going to change his image and implied that he has been “projecting an image,” according to BBC, it solidified everyone’s implicit understanding that political images are a façade. What happens then?

We have to talk about it. We have to realize that passively accepting political illusions can get problematic, especially when it relates to a character such as Trump, because his policies are so interlinked to his demeanor. Moreover, we have to realize that releasing this statement might actually be a politically genius move.

Instinctively, we react to such news by claiming and admonishing the dishonesty in politics. We might even use this incident to corroborate how Trump can obviously not be trusted, and we would be right.

Yet this statement strategically fits right into the brazen and honest image that Trump has created for himself, because he is literally telling everyone about his plans. In a campaign where one of his techniques has been to loudly point out things that are wrong with the system, he is loudly pointing out the next thing that he must do with this erroneous system. I might not agree with him, his techniques or points of view, but this is political genius.

So should we trust politics? Probably not, and I know that you do not need this post to know that. You also do not need this post to make or break your opinion on Trump. Obviously any image that Trump will create or not will not deviate from the distrust and unreliability that are inherently associated with his campaign and name, but in a political game where people might do this anyway, Trump is openly talking about it. That is what makes him so scary.