I woke up one morning to devastating notifications no one wants to receive. Every news application on my phone sent out a notification about a terrorist attack in a Brussels airport. Receiving this news made my stomach turn upside down. How could another attack occur?

ISIS carried out deadly attacks in Brussels airport and metro stations March 23. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

ISIS carried out deadly attacks in Brussels airport and metro stations March 22. PHOTO VIA PIXABAY.

Not only were hundreds of lives recently lost in the Brussels and Paris attacks, but millions of souls all over the world were also wounded by what had occurred. I want these attacks to stop. Innocent lives are being taken.

Children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers are dying because of these horrifying attacks. These innocent lives had family members who loved them and plans for their future. They were building lives for themselves. Suddenly, it was taken away.

A New York Times article published Sunday stated that the people who plotted the Brussels attack were originally going to hit Paris again, concerning police and intelligence agencies that believe the Islamic State can attack other European capitals as well.

The Times also mentioned Léopold Hecht, a 20-year-old man who lost his life in the attack, in another article published March 23. He was a second-year law student at the Université Saint-Louis in Brussels. He performed an improv show on March 14 and was recognized as a humorous actor. This man had aspirations and a bright future. It was all taken away in an instant because of an atrocious attack.

Following Hecht’s death, a young group of entrepreneurs posted a Facebook photo with a caption stating, “These pathetic terrorists should know that their actions will only reinforce our determination to fight for our freedom.” I stand in agreement with these entrepreneurs.

We must not back down. We must never forget these attacks. These attacks happened to people just like you and me, a chilling and disturbing thought.

CBS News reported that a young American couple was among the 31 deceased in the Brussels attacks. Stephanie, 29, and Justin Shults, 30, had gotten married after attending Vanderbilt University. They were at the airport dropping off Stephanie’s mother, who survived the attacks, when the explosions occurred.

These were two young lives were just beginning together. It is not fair that their lives, or any lives, were taken through an act of violence. They did not deserve this — no one does.

These attacks are barbaric and taking innocent lives. These are just a few of the stories about lives that were unfortunately lost due to terrorism. My heart is torn apart by these tragic, gut-wrenching stories.

Not only should we pray for Brussels and Paris, we should pray for the entire world.