Not to be annoying, but someone needs to say it: Finals are coming, folks. We all wish that exams were like those supernatural myths, the ones where if you pronounce or announce them out loud, they disappear and cease to exist, but we all know that the struggle is actually real. Before you start damning yourself and cursing that time when you applied to college, it is better to point out what really helps us throughout the painful journey of sorrow also known as finals week.

Libraries may cause students to be stressed out however they should be considered a safe,r relaxing space for students. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER COLLEGE DEGREES 360

Libraries may cause students to be stressed out however they should be considered a safe and relaxing space for students. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER COLLEGE DEGREES 360

The average student probably decides to focus on studying only the day before a test. Hence, the library becomes his or her worst nightmare. In fact, the sole thought of a place filled with books and information gives everyone goosebumps. But is the library so terrible? Actually, it is not. And what’s even more surprising is that the library can become your friend.

The pre-exam anxiety, in fact, can fool you and distort the perspective that you have on things. The first step toward getting rid of this annoying feeling is acknowledging it. Let’s consider the library. During the process of studying and memorizing, everybody sees the library as a prison — you’re stuck there, forced to open up books you don’t want to read, all within an environment where talking is strictly forbidden. But is the library also such an environment when it’s not study period?

According to a Wednesday Vice article, you can do a lot of different things at the library, and they don’t necessarily involve studying hard concepts. Apparently, people go to the library to organize meetings.

“I’m a freelance producer, so I organize meetings here; there are good communal spaces and a small cafe that are perfect for them,” said Sebastian, one of the people Vice interviewed.

There are also those who see the library as a place that lets you use your own imagination.

“I think it’s a great part of the community because it gets children reading; I think its essential for all children to read, because it gets your mind working and lets you use your imagination,” said Rosina, a retired woman who often borrows books from the library.

In fact, we need to remind ourselves that books are not necessarily written to make us study them. Books are a source of inspiration, a way out from the surrounding reality that sometimes appears too dull, delusional and disappointing. Books are the colored thread within a gray fabric, and they certainly help us improve our imaginations.

If one is not a book fan, however, that is okay. The library can become a meeting place or a relaxed environment where one can sit in silence while contemplating the orderly rows into which the books are organized. When you start thinking of the library as a meditation place or as an escape from ordinary torments, that’s when it becomes your ally instead of your enemy.

Changing the perspective on it will erase all the discomfort that it created, and when you have to go to the library to actually study for finals, anxiety won’t take over. Instead, you will remember all the other things you did in that building, from improving your imagination to relaxing among the smell of old books and wood. As a matter of fact, sometimes the pressure and the torment we feel inside ourselves can be easily taken away. You only need to change your point of view.