Human beings are said to differ from animals because we possess logos, also known as the rational faculty that allows us to make decisions. Throughout the years, the world has witnessed a fierce array of philosophers who argued our superiority and our greatness due to our intellectual capacity: We are capable of understanding, of reasoning and of deciding. Yet, sometimes it seems our “highly-regarded” logos manages to fool us by making us act in the stupidest way without us noticing. Or worse, with us thinking that we’re being smart. What is smart about going to the aquarium and finding amusement in looking at a leaping dolphin, which is submitting to orders within the borders of a giant glass fish bowl? Is this the manifestation of the praised logos? If so, humanity sucks and we’re better off without rationality.

SeaWorld decided Thursday to put an end to the orca shows following the polemics and controversies voiced by animal rights activists and by any other person carrying a crumb of common sense.

Those animals are not only victims of a pre-assumed hierarchy obviously created by humans, but they are also being physically abused. These animals are trained to accept the will of someone else who promptly and proudly decides that their destiny is that of captivity.

“We are proud of our part in contributing to the human understanding of these animals. As society’s understanding of orcas continues to change, SeaWorld is changing with it,” SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby said in a statement.

It seems that protesters, however, are not satisfied with the company’s decision. They are asking SeaWorld to release the orcas back into their natural habitat instead of keeping them in captivity (though without putting on a show). Apparently, this is not possible. According to a Thursday National Geographic article, “SeaWorld has argued that its orcas are unfit for survival in the wild and cannot be safely released.”

What is more abhorring than the captivity and the shows themselves is the idea of being unfit to live in one’s proper and natural home. Humankind’s mad, sick pursuit and display of control has led to the point where we, with our logos and intellect, have established our kingdom by tearing down the kingdom of other species. Feeling like a stranger in one’s own home is a sensation that can only be brought on by severe conditions of depression. The fact that these animals are not mentally, but physically unable to live in their home should only instill a massive amount of guilt, for we are the ones who made this possible. We’ve always been told that nature cannot be controlled. Yet we seem to have found a way to change its course, obviously in a worse way. We find pleasure in watching submissive and apparently inferior beings putting on a show for humans. If this is not selfish, I wonder what is.

Lately, there has been this trend of vegetarianism and veganism popping up in every post on Facebook. Though I respect those people who truly try to fight the mistreatment of animals, I wanted to remind everyone posing like an activist that it doesn’t count if you are vegetarian when you own a goldfish in a fish bowl.