The pop art movement gained momentum in the mid-1950s and lasted a short while until the end of the 1970s. Given our fascination with bringing things back from the past, like hot pants and peace signs, it makes sense to see the movement reappear.

Artist Gigi Rodgers is changing the pop art movement by using herself as a canvas. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Artist Gigi Rodgers is changing the pop art movement by using herself as a canvas. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Pop art thrives on the concept of commercializing and selling what we see on mass media and everyday life. It’s like glorifying the mundane and contemporary. Pop art paints a completely new dimension for modernism. This trendy art form breaks away from traditional art by celebrating unusual themes such as commonplace objects and ordinary people — basically things that no one imagined to be admirable or fascinating enough to paint on a canvas. Maybe for this unusual reason, pop art is one of the most popular forms of modern art today and undoubtedly one of my favorites.

Gigi Rodgers, the owner of an online eyewear store and a makeup artist on the side, took her love for this trend to a whole new platform by using makeup to make herself look like pop art itself, Mashable reported Monday. Sounds pretty funky, doesn’t it?

What’s funkier is how she does it. Her photograph series called “Worlds” shows that she is capable of converting a 3-D person into a captivating 2-D image by using only makeup. She makes herself look like part of the apparatus while merging with the background, and the results are truly mesmerizing.

According to Mashable, Rodgers was inspired to start doing comic-style makeup when she saw Alexa Meade’s similar work and was intrigued enough to spend hours trying to replicate it. She has not yet tried the art on another person but is keen to do so in the future. She started slowly with just black and white makeup and is now experimenting with colors as well. That has got to take a lot of patience and love for the art. I am truly spellbound.

I find this piece of news infinitely amazing. Coming from an overworked college student, I find it motivating to think about someone going through hours of labor just for fun. Rodgers is recognized all over the world for her digital-looking makeup, and I think that’s the kind of stuff that should break the Internet instead of frivolous Snapchat videos. Daaaamn, Gigi! Back at it again with the comic book faces.

On a serious note, though, this is the kind of work that needs to be rewarded because it is exactly this creativity and enthusiasm that keeps a person happy doing what they do, something our generation needs to learn when we talk long-term work and stability.

Here’s to hoping there are more quirky and crazy people out there in the world for whom Gigi Rodgers and her digital breakthrough serve as an eye-opener to come out with their own wild ideas and flaunt them as flawlessly as Rodgers does with her effortless skills. The world could surely use more of those fiercely fearless works of art.