Donald Trump’s campaign was forced to postpone a rally Friday in Chicago after passionate protests broke out prior to the event’s commencement.

A protestors halted a Trump rally at the University of Illinois Friday.  PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

A protestors halted a Trump rally at the University of Illinois Friday.

As Trump supporters filed into the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, protestors marched both into and outside of the venue, protesting the speech that would be made there. As protestors inside the pavilion combated Trump fans and were subsequently escorted out, more protestors continued to file in.

Trump’s campaign issued a statement saying that the rally was to “be postponed to another date” for the sake of “the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that [had] gathered” for the event. By the time the event had ended, The New York Times reported that one man had been struck by a police baton and was visibly bleeding from his head while another bloodied woman was escorted off the scene.

Yet while Chicago, a city of roughly equal thirds white, black and Latino, made it undeniably clear that Trump’s policies of intimidation, prejudice and ignorance would not be welcome there, it seems too perfectly representative of Trump’s overall persona to postpone the rally instead of outright canceling. Once again, Trump inserted his offensive beliefs and imposing ego into a place where it did not belong (the first place, of course, being the presidential election).

While Trump absolutely does not even deserve the amount of press he has been given, it is important to take note of the fact that this rally had been broken up. According to a Monmouth University survey conducted on Florida’s Republicans, most Trump supporters felt indifferent to the rally’s being broken up or even reported feeling more inclined to vote for him. The main message Americans should be recognizing from this occurrence is that an organized event in support of a political candidate was broken up because the man was too hateful to have his presence tolerated in just one of many cities that he has every intention of one day governing. When people are not taking stock of these obvious signs, the country falls to the risk of danger.

It’s time for a wake-up call. The state of a country is not tantamount to the reliving of people’s rebellious teenage years. Voting for a presidential candidate out of rebellion, out of contempt for others, out of the desire to stand your ground and show that you have something to prove because others’ anger only makes you want to support your viewpoint more is an immature and inappropriate action to be taking in a time of such immense political and social unrest, and the future of such a nation — and world — is difficult to foresee.

The saddest fact is perhaps that Trump’s campaign of intimidation is actively working in everyone’s life. People have begun legitimately considering moving to other countries if Trump becomes president, but to joke in that way only fuels his apparently ever-growing power. Trump wants people to move if he wins because he wants to have a nation of ignorant, uneducated, equally as intolerant people that he has complete manipulation and control over. If Trump’s popularity continues to grow, the best thing his opponents can do is make their presence known by staying put and refusing to let his policies of racism and terror take over a country that once and should continue to stand for liberty and justice.

When a candidate’s political presence is so strongly opposed that he offends and disturbs the citizens of the nation he intends to govern, it is time to come to terms with the impending unjust policies the United States will face under Trump’s jurisdiction. This nation has spent decades openly combating and rejecting racism, yet as soon as a politician comes out and declares that yes, he is racist and he is proud of it, the nation’s most disgraceful citizens come out and join him in that pride. The United States has now shown its true colors in backing Trump and is attempting to reverse the progress that others fought so hard to create. If Trump stays on top, the future of the country looks grim. What’s next, a new era of Jim Crow? We shouldn’t put it past him. He is so ignorant that he would probably think the laws are entirely new.