The case surrounding Kesha and her producer Dr. Luke, who allegedly abused her in various ways, is an incredibly disappointing moment in the music industry. It highlights how the fight for equal rights continues even today. The circumstances between Kesha and Dr. Luke are major setbacks to those who believe in justice.

Kesha is in the center of the lawsuit with Dr. Luke and Sony over releasing Kesha from her contract following sexual abuse allegations on the part of Dr. Luke. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

Kesha is in the center of the lawsuit with Dr. Luke and Sony over releasing Kesha from her contract following sexual abuse allegations on the part of Dr. Luke. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS.

My initial reaction to hearing about this case was that there is no possible reason that a victim of emotional and sexual abuse should be put through such a situation. It is incredulous to expect her to feel secure while working with her abuser. How is it possible for the New York State Supreme Court to force Kesha to remain in her contractual obligations with Dr. Luke?

As painful as this case is, I hope it brings attention to certain matters, such as freedom, equal rights issues and the empowerment and braveness of sexual abuse victims who have courageously spoken up.

Kesha’s human rights and her basic needs should not be treated as if they less important than a contract. This woman should be able to have the freedom that she deserves. Kesha should not be confined to a contact that forces her to work with the man that has allegedly abused her for so many years.

This case shows how dehumanized and objectified Kesha is. Nobody should be entitled to imposing unwanted sex or harassing someone just because they have helped assist her with her career. This terrible occurrence is clearly preventing Kesha from working freely and comfortably in the industry. She is unable to follow her passion because of this situation.

Kesha is just one of many assault cases. We should be teaching these victims of such crimes to speak up like she has bravely done. Kesha, like all other victims, did not ask to be hurt sexually or emotionally.

According to The New York Times, Kesha was given gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a date rape drug. She also had to be put into her rehab for her issues with bulimia, which stemmed from the comments made by Dr. Luke. Kesha stated that she cannot “work with this monster,” and she should not be forced into doing so.

Prominent figures in the music industry have been reaching out to Kesha during these troubling times. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and many others are expressing their endearing support to her.

The support for Kesha does not stop with the music industry. There has been an immense amount of people supporting her on social media with the #FreeKesha social media campaign. Currently, there are 109,745 posts and counting on Instagram featuring #FreeKesha.

Kesha, just like any other victim of abuse, cannot heal or rebuild her life while still having an association with the person who committed the crime. How can one move away from such a horror if they have to see the person who hurt them every day? This should never be expected of a person. It is truly horrifying that she must continue to work with Dr. Luke even though, according to Kesha’s lawsuit, he “emotionally and sexually abused her.”

Rape is a serious matter and, in my opinion, this case is not being treated as one. If it was being treated seriously, Kesha would not have to produce a minimum of six songs on each of her albums with her abuser, which is what the judge decided Friday.

It is not a matter of whether or not you support her music. It is a matter of if you are a human who does not support those who commit the act of rape. At the end of the day, a person is a person, and everyone, regardless of race, gender and any other factor, should be treated fairly and have equal rights.