George and Amal Clooney met German Chancellor Angela Merkel Friday to talk about the refugee crisis, according to The Guardian. They commended her for Germany’s stance on the issues and spoke about ways in which the world can become more proactive regarding this issue. It was a positive meeting and when I read about it, I did not think of Hollywood glamorization at all. Is that shocking?

George and Amal Clooney meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to talk about the refugee crisis. PHOTO VIA HOLLYWOOD DAILY.

George and Amal Clooney meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to talk about the refugee crisis. PHOTO VIA HOLLYWOOD DAILY.

George Clooney has been an active humanitarian and a United Nations Messenger of Peace since 2008, according to The Guardian. His fervor to make a better world is admirable, but since he married Amal, I believe his actions to be more serious. Without his wife by his side, he would be perceived as another Hollywood actor trying to be a savior, but being married to such a respectable human rights lawyer gives him credibility.

Is it wrong of me to typecast him in this way? Probably. I may be absolutely wrong, and his humanitarian efforts might have always been perceived as credible and respectable. I am probably being prejudiced and biased, and for a few minutes I felt awful for thinking that way, until I started reading more articles.

As I got happy about what an influential force Amal Clooney is and how much of an equal she is presented to be in comparison to her Hollywood husband, I came across an article in the International Business Times that spoke about the very same meeting mentioned before. It tried to present it with a so-called fresh angle — it only spoke about Amal Clooney’s clothes.

Paragraphs upon paragraphs were dedicated to her tresses, her lipstick and her skirt. The conclusion was dedicated to the global problem our current world order is facing, and it irked me. Why was Amal Clooney reduced to a mannequin with great clothes instead of the beautiful woman who has been associated with the United Nations and the International Court of Justice? I am fully aware that people and this world are often vain, but this frivolousness still infuriated me.

Reading articles like the one just mentioned make me feel less guilty about stereotyping George Clooney as a simple Hollywood actor. Nonetheless, I still acknowledge I was wrong. We are constantly told that we should fight stereotypes because they are negative prejudices, but stereotypes are the product of social conditioning, and they still arise in everyone’s head. However, here is the difference — I recognized the negative prejudice and tried to erase it from my head. I did not publish an article expounding on that stereotype and pushing every social effort 100 steps back.

George Clooney is more than just an actor, and people are realizing that. Amal Clooney is more than just a pretty woman and instead of realizing that, people are reinforcing the negative notion. As always, I hope this is put to a stop because there is no space in 2016 to focus on a woman’s clothes or looks. There really isn’t.

For now, I can only end with this statement — George and Amal Clooney met with Angela Merkel to talk about the refugee crisis, and it was very positive. Nothing else mattered, and nothing else should matter.