In the wise words of The Notorious B.I.G., “mo’ money, mo’ problems”

But alas, it seems there is finally a solution to this treachery, and it comes in the form of reality television star Jonathan Cheban.

The International School of New York is Kim Kardashian’s best friend’s brain child and is reserved for the elite social classes. ILLUSTRATION VIA SARAH SILBIGER.

The International School of New York is Kim Kardashian’s best friend’s brain child and is reserved for the elite social classes. ILLUSTRATION VIA SARAH SILBIGER.

Jonathan Cheban, known for his role as Kimmy K’s and the rest of Kardashian clan’s snappy best friend, is opening up a school for the wealthy, according to Mashable. Located aptly in the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, this academy will be called the International School of New York.

Apparently finding an unanswered yet heavily promising niche in the market, Cheban is opening the school with the hopes of targeting “wealthy kids from all over the world,” according to the Daily Mail. Part of the curriculum will be things such as “private aviation, social media, quality of diamonds, types of caviar … social stuff you need to know to survive in a city like this with a lot of money.” Society should steer clear.

When I was in elementary school, I had a close friend. He was down-to-earth and loved the Broncos. His mother taught horseback riding lessons and he, along with his sisters, would help take care of the ranch.

The summer before entering fifth grade, he told me that he was switching schools. He was transferring to a private school in the next town over. I was devastated.

A few years later, my friend was long forgotten and I was looking to switch schools. The first option that came to mind was the same school my former best friend had transferred to four years earlier. A few of my friends were looking to transfer there as well, so I was excited to start the admission process.

However, what I failed to check was the tuition. The ninth grade to 12th grade program’s tuition was a little more than $32,000. For comparison purposes, the total cost for Penn State University (including tuition, fees and additional costs) is $34,598. The tuition itself is $17,502. This school was money, just like Cheban’s new and upcoming International School of New York.

Cheban told New You magazine that he would “basically be the Dean of Pop Culture at the School,” as he will be a major decision-maker in the implementation of necessary life-experience courses. “If you are buying a diamond you need to know the clarity and if you are buying a private jet you need to know the different leathers and seats.”

“I am developing the entire pop culture program for this school here in the Trump Tower,” Cheban confirmed in an interview with New You. I mean, those disgusting public schools. I could never imagine mingling with lower- and middle-class peasants who live in the Lower East Side.

The International School of New York is an interesting concept, I will say. I do believe that it is important for academia as a whole not only to recognize that subjects outside of mathematics and the sciences are important, but also to implement this belief into school systems. Especially in this day and age, being well rounded is a necessary attribute everyone must possess. It will be interesting to see how this concept develops, and in what ways it will manifest.

If I have one suggestion, I would say to position this school as a supplemental after-school program — a place parents where send their wealthy children to after their traditional private schools are done.

I guess Biggie was right. “It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”