Madden NFL might be more accurate than you think.

Despite countless gamers’ accusation of EA Sports’ lack of care in production and multiple recent poorly crafted games, Madden, the football video game produced by the company, has delivered the correct outcome of the Super Bowl nine times in the past 12 years, according to Bleacher Report. Madden accurately predicted not only the winner of the 2015 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots, but also the final score. Additionally, some of the major players’ stats predictions were unreasonably close. It seems that people did not take this seriously until after last year’s Super Bowl.

Now, the grand prophet has spoken yet again. And the winner is the Carolina Panthers.

Madden releases Super Bowl prediction simulation ahead of Sunday's game. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER CRAIG_HAWKINS

Madden releases Super Bowl prediction simulation ahead of Sunday’s game. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER CRAIG_HAWKINS

Madden, can we not? Just, no.

The simulation predicted that the Denver Broncos would lead the score until the very last minute of the game. The Panthers’ superstar, quarterback Cam Newton, will dive into the end zone in the last 40 seconds to take home the championship, as well as the Super Bowl MVP trophy.

According to an edited version of the simulation on YouTube, the Broncos’ defense seems to play a major part of the game. Peyton Manning has trouble making plays and completions. The whole team basically relies on the Broncos’ defense to generate more playtime and score occasionally.

That sounds about right.

After the horrific loss of the 2014 Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos have transitioned themselves from having one of the best offensive lines in the league to having one of the best defensive lines in the league in just two years. This defensive line has saved the team in various occasions in the past year. The fierceness of this defensive line is presented in the simulation, as outside linebacker Von Miller almost makes a sack and Aqib Talib scoring an interception in the third quarter.

The Carolina Panthers have a relatively easier situation than the Broncos in the simulation. Cam Newton, despite getting sacked and intercepted, is able to move the ball forward and score two touchdowns and a field goal in the first half. The Broncos made some adjustments during halftime and downturned the Panthers’ momentum. Frustrated with the Broncos’ defense, Newton is unproductive for the entire third quarter. The Panthers keep losing grounds until last two minutes of the game. Then, with less than 41 seconds left, Newton scrambles and punches through the Broncos’ defense for the game-wining touchdown.

It is not just a regular touchdown. It is a dive, which Newton finishes with style.

According to the stats provided by Bleacher Report, Peyton Manning has a decent performance in the simulation, completing 21 of 37 passes for 241 yards. This is better than his performance during the regular season. Given the circumstances, this game might be the last game of his football career. He might retire and start making pizza. You never know.

Despite Madden’s simulation, I still think the Denver Broncos have the better chance of winning the Super Bowl. Manning will try his best, without a doubt, and his team will do the same. Additionally, the Panthers will be wearing their dark colored jersey, which has a lower win-ratio in the Super Bowl records.