There are three key features that I absolutely adore about James Corden: his boisterous laugh, his genuine charisma and, most importantly, his charming British accent. For anyone who does not appreciate the delights of late-night television, James Corden is the host of “The Late Late Show,” which airs on CBS. Similar to most nighttime talk shows, Corden interviews celebrity guests, acts out outrageous skits and, of course, throws in his fair share of fairly raunchy jokes for good measure.

The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke is challenging what late night comedy is. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke is challenging what late night comedy is. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

One of my favorite segments on the show, as well as one that has recently taken the Internet by storm, is known as “Carpool Karaoke.” It is a segment in which Corden drives various celebrity guests around Los Angeles (or London, if you are Adele) in his car. The design is exceedingly simple — interview the passenger while sporadically cutting to clips of Corden dancing and singing along to songs usually written and preformed by the guest at hand.

Singers and songwriters from Justin Bieber to Jason Derulo have all had the opportunity to sing, dance and admit ridiculous tidbits of information about their personal lives to Corden, and the final product could not be funnier.

“James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segments are a signature feature on his show. And the latest thing in pop music has become about the hottest thing on the web,” Mark Phillips, a CBS News contributor, wrote in his recent article about Corden’s successful “caraoke.” All Carpool Karaoke videos uploaded by “The Late Late Show” YouTube channel have well over one million views.

As someone who often tires of the traditional interviewer-interviewee relationship between talk show hosts and their guests, I find it refreshing how Corden is attempting to break norms and present a new interview style, all while still implementing plenty of comedy.

In his article, Phillips ponders why the Carpool Karaoke segment has been so successful.

“Maybe because singing along in the car is what people do,” Phillip wrote. “And what could be better than singing along with people like Adele, Justin Bieber, One Direction or Stevie Wonder.”

For me, the best part of every Carpool Karaoke is when the celebrity guests discover that Corden can actually sing as he effortlessly harmonizes with almost every tune. Both Adele and One Direction’s Harry Styles had hysterical facial expressions upon discovering Corden’s hidden talent. Moreover, Corden is not afraid to take his talents outside of his car, as he has practiced the dance craze of hitting the dab with Jason Derulo in a gas station parking lot as well as sabotaging a celebrity sightseeing tour.

“The Carpool Karaoke was just one of the ideas Corden had when he was planning his show a year ago,” Phillips wrote, which just goes to exhibit Corden’s innate talent and creativity in the realm of the comedic world. Corden’s happiness radiates through the screen as he belts pop song lyrics. His goofy grin and perfectly timed dance moves, which he usually makes up on the spot, are infectious and in a short time are guaranteed to have you laughing and singing along.