No wonder worldly women nowadays are even more stressed, anxious and mentally unstable than ever before — they happen to be in competition not only with one another, but also with men. The metrosexual-man attitude, which hovers in the air like a haunting ghost, is setting off every woman’s alarm.

First, the new array of fashion gladiators has challenged us with the my-house-is-flooded pant cuffs,

Jewelry for men is the latest in fashion trends. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Jewelry for men is the latest in fashion trends. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

but we accepted it. Then came the time of the Thor-style man bun, and with a little reluctance, we learned how to deal with it. Recently, however, the trend of jewelry for men exploded like a hydrogen bomb and affected a large percentage of the fashion-addicted warriors. But are we ready to share accessories with men, or is the hairstyle enough?

As Marina Khorosh states in her Vogue article, “Would You Date a Man Who Wore More Jewelry Than You?,” “Men more often appear to have emotional attachment to their pieces … In fact, rather than deter potential love connections, jewelry can present an excellent segue into learning more about a man.”

We have to admit that fashion plays an important role in our society. Therefore, if Johnny Depp wears “no less than four safety pin–style earrings — in one ear,” it is likely that many men will see this as a cool new style and attempt to replicate to become part of the cool kids clique, just like we do when we see Angelina Jolie wearing orange lipstick. If an orange lipstick is weird and innovative, however, it surely does not come from a man’s trend.

It is okay to be different and to stand out among the crowd, but it is also important to remind ourselves that some boundaries are not meant to be crossed. If men complain about our boyfriend jeans — which I swear would not look good at all on a boy as they are just boy-like pants — women have the right to snort whenever we see a man wearing the latest Tiffany’s ring.

Aside from the wedding ring, it is true that some specific types of rings can be appreciated on a man’s fingers, as long as they are masculine and somewhat appropriate. When we realize that we are craving a necklace or a silver sparkling bracelet that we saw on that boy in the subway, however, that is the signal to put an end to this new trend. Everyone is free to wear whatever they want, but that does not mean that women’s and men’s fashions can completely overlap.

This new behavior of unisex jewelry is getting out of hand, and it is mixing and mingling men’s and women’s styles. Styles need to differ from one another at least in some aspects such as jewelry, or we will reach the point where women will be buying cufflinks while looking for the latest handkerchief for their tailored suit. And maybe, one day, women will be the ones who will propose to men with a diamond ring.