“Nerds,” the new musical about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, tells the story about their rise as technology geniuses and how these two brilliant men eventually revolutionized our culture from the “floppy disc era to the iPhone phenomenon.” The show will open on Broadway in April, with preview performances slated to begin on March 31. The cast has not yet been announced, but the production team has already been put in place.

According to The New York Times, this musical has been in the making for nearly 10 years. In 2005,

an early version was produced and won some local awards. However, now the show has been revised substantially and is ready to take the Broadway stage.

Broadway musical about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates set to open in April. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Broadway musical about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates set to open in April. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

This time around, Broadway World says the show will include “on-stage holograms, projection mapping and an enhanced theatergoing experience through app integration.” The audience will have the capability to interact with the set and the ending of the show through an app. The idea with the app integration, however, is that it’s only for audience members who are inclined to use it. For those who just want to watch a traditional musical, they are free to do so.

It is always exciting when Broadway announces a new musical. For art lovers like myself, it means that creativity continues to thrive. A new show means new material and different perspective, which has the potential to inspire its viewers and change people’s lives. As many have heard countless times, a picture is worth a thousand words. The theater inspires people in more than just the life on stage. A new show is a good thing.

More specifically with this new show, it will be appealing to a wide variety of people. For the older generations, the floppy disc era will be a blast from the past, and for the younger generations, it will help give them an understanding of how the iPhone came to be. Our generation takes recent technological advancements for granted. Almost everyone has some kind of smartphone equipped with Internet, Instagram, Snapchat and a myriad of other apps. For our parents and our grandparents, however, the iPhone is a strange phenomenon. They did not grow up texting their friends or making plans on the spot. There is an element of commitment among the older generations that our generation just does not understand. Arguably, it is because of our easy access to technology and our ability to change plans with the touch of a button.

Hopefully this musical will educate the younger generations and help them understand the men who made it possible for them to have such booming social lives. The musical might even inspire some to pursue technology and to work towards the continued revolution. There is so much more to be done in the technology world, and in years from now the iPhone will be today’s floppy disk. This musical has the potential to inspire and educate both the younger and older generations.