23 states have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. And to be more specific, it is completely legal to smoke weed recreationally in Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington. Moreover, 19 states, including California, Arizona, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and a plethora of others have deemed it legal for individuals to utilize medical marijuana with proper licensing.

The AnnaBis Collection, created by fjskdjfh and ladkfe, offers purses designed specifically to transport marijuana inconspicuously. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER MAUREEN DIDDE

The AnnaBís Collection, created by Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch, offers purses designed specifically to transport marijuana inconspicuously. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER MAUREEN DIDDE

Recently, friends Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch decided to capitalize on pot’s ever-growing popularity by creating their own line of handbags and clutches all aimed at a very specific type of consumer: the female stoner and her crew of high-fashioned, blunt-passing friends.

The Washington Post published an article Friday about the pair, saying that, “the idea came to the two friends because ‘we are fashionable women of means’ who cared that all the stuff in their lives — the shoes, handbags, clothes, sunglasses — properly reflected who they are.” Tired of toting their bud in plastic baggies and crumpling their rolling papers underneath mounds of miscellaneous items piled high within their handbags, Moss and Shuch founded The AnnaBís Collection. The retailer yields three unique types of bags, perfect for toting all sorts of marijuana paraphernalia.

A sum of $120 to $295 can buy any high-class hippie a genuine Italian leather bag that boasts secret compartments for lighters, eye drops, rolling papers, grinders, vapes, pipes, etc. All of the purses — The Melissa Multi Case, The Whoopee Vape Case and The Chelsea Cross-Body — allow for women to carry their cannabis in style. Furthermore, two of the compartments within the bag are “aroma-locked” ensuring inconspicuousness when transporting the goods.

For many, the price of the bag itself might come with a hardy dose of sticker-shock, but Moss and Shuch reiterate that the totes “are accessories aimed at pot-smoking customers who might normally purchase handbags from Tory Burch, Michael Kors or Coach.”

As smoking pot becomes less and less stigmatized within our society, Moss and Shuch plan to brand their products with a positive message endorsing both marijuana and the women who choose to smoke it. “It’s the expression of power and success,” Shuch told The Washington Post. “The marijuana business is (sort of) legitimate and the AnnaBís bags are about ‘women feeling validated in their choices. We’re going to validate that choice with beautiful accessories.’”

Personally, I believe the entrepreneurial endeavor has the potential to be extremely successful. Between the gorgeous exterior and complete versatility, smokers and non-smokers alike can decide exactly what they would like to store in each compartment. Who’s to say the purses have to be limited to carrying weed? If a woman simply wanted to use the purse as a way to maintain organization of her keys, credit cards, lipsticks and other miscellaneous items she absolutely could. However, compared to other methods of transporting marijuana and all of its odds and ends in an orderly and inconspicuous manner, the “pot purses” seem as though they would work wonderfully. Puff puff pass will never be the same again.