Title: The Lucid twins dress Rihanna and your other favorites

I’m not saying this is a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg-type success story. The two boys I’m going to write about aren’t Harvard dropouts who have found unfathomable success. However, it is about two boys’ creativity and ambition that are putting them on the fashion radar.

Lucid is an up-and-coming clothing brand founded by 19 year old twins Chet and Betts DeHart. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER STEFFEN ZAHN

Lucid FC is an up-and-coming clothing brand founded by twins Chet and Betts DeHart. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER STEFFEN ZAHN

Chet and Betts DeHart are twin brothers and creators of the budding street wear brand, Lucid FC. You can find their hoodies, sweatshirts and painter’s pants at various boutiques across the world, including A Number of Names in London, Standard in Atlanta, and VFiles in New York. The streetwear and clubwear attire ranges from $13 to $245, from caps to Milk Man blazers.

As children, both DeHart boys struggled academically. But their parents — Jessica DeHart, a children’s book author, and Jeff DeHart, a real estate developer — could see that their sons possessed another type of ingenuity. “They had so much trouble in the school system, but it was so apparent to my husband and I they were going to be brilliant in some other way that wasn’t going to be on a piece of paper,” their mother told The New York Times.

The twins turned their love for shoes into a hobby. Betts was the business twin, with knowledge about shoes, where they were made and how many were being made. Chet, the creative one, captured this process on video and began posting it on YouTube through their channel SoleBrothers. Not too long after, Google was paying the boys for ad time on their videos. They were able to turn their interest into a hobby that generated revenue.

But things weren’t as fun from the beginning. The twins began their business journey at the age of 12 at their local Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt franchise. “They hated it,” the mother said. “But they would take their $27 paycheck and pool their money together and get a really good pair of sneakers.” While the DeHart twins had an extensive collection by the time they were 14, they realized that buying and collecting sneakers wasn’t enough anymore. They sold all of their sneakers to “start the brand, because we wanted to make our own shoes,” Chet explained.

Chet and Betts’ ambitions began gaining momentum in 2010 when, with the help of a friend familiar with the manufacturing process in Asia, the twins started Lucid Footwear. Two years later, Lucid Footwear would turn into Lucid FC to represent the shift from footwear to clothing.

When it was time to go to college, both Chet and Betts decided on LIM College, a fashion business college located in Manhattan. While the two demonstrated their aptitude for vision and possessed an admirable entrepreneurial spirit, one thing remained the same: school still wasn’t their forte. After a semester, the twins dropped out. Instead, they searched for potential manufacturers of their brand. They were able to partner with two on West 38th Street: Johnny Wu Designs for “cut and sew” pieces and Jonathan Embroidery Plus for logo embroidery. However, others weren’t as gracious. “There were a lot of people we paid who didn’t help us,” Chet said.

After dropping out, the Lucid twins both (unsurprisingly) found jobs at VFiles, a digital media community and clothing store serving as a platform for fresh talent. The boys went from working the floor to displaying Lucid FC in the VFiles showroom in three months.

A footwear-turned-streetwear brand that started in the basement of two 14-year-olds, five years later, is receiving much love from not only the industry, but also from celebrities. Producer and DJ Alexander Ridha (aka Boyz Noise) as well as hip-hop artist Makonnen Sheran (ILoveMakonnen) have been spotted with Lucid FC gear. Rihanna, a fashion queen (in my humble opinion), has also been seen on numerous occasions rocking a Lucid FC cap courtside at an NBA Finals game or Lucid FC logo T-shirt to complete her airport look.

The two boys have come a long way. But there’s still a long way to go. Without official financial backers nor a streamlined supply chain (or supply chain, at all, for that matter), the Lucid twins still have much to work on. However, it seems that, with Chet’s creativity and Betts’ business mind, the two will find a way to pull through and make Lucid FC a street-wear powerhouse — just like how cult favorites such as Hood By Air and Opening Ceremony turned themselves into household names for innovation.

Chet and Betts didn’t hit jackpot on the first try (or the third) and they still have a bit of road they must cover before Lucid FC can be deemed as a brand that will last for the next five or ten years. But they’re on their way. It’s not a Bill-Gates-success kind of story. But it’s close. And it’s in the works.