We are now half way through the NFL season. Is your favorite team doing as well as you expected? Despite having the first loss of their season on Sunday, the Denver Broncos had a wonderful run in the first half. As a Broncos fan, I can’t be more proud of my team. However, I can’t exactly call myself a long term fan, since I’ve only been following the team for two years.

Many football fans are fanatics, but these teams have the most loyal and intense fans in the NFL. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Many football fans are fanatics, but these teams have the most loyal and intense fan bases in the NFL. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

What does it mean to be a loyal fan for a team? Is it the amount of merchandise you own? Is it how much you talk about your team with other people? Or is it how much stadium noise there is during a home game? There are a lot of factors when it comes to measuring the loyalty of fans. Here’s my take on the top five greatest fan bases in the NFL.

#5. New England Patriots

There is just something about the Patriots. You either love them, or you hate them. And it is fair to say that this phenomenon was started by Tom Brady. Since the arrival of Brady, the Patriots’ fan base has grown significantly. Brady, in return, hasn’t disappointed his fans. He has brought four rings to this franchise and currently fighting for the fifth. It’s not uncommon to hear Patriots fans commenting on how much better Brady is in comparison to other quarterbacks, both currently in the league and in the history of the sport.

#4 Denver Broncos

Everyone knows that the Broncos got smashed by the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XLVIII, but the Broncos’ home field seems to be louder than ever this season. The reason the Broncos are able to attract a huge fan base is simple: offense, offense and offense.  From John Elway and Gary Kubiak in the 1980s, to Jake Plummer and now Peyton Manning, Broncos consistently drafted good quarterbacks. This enables uncountable adrenaline rushing plays and jaw dropping passes. The excitement is what keeps Broncos fans supporting their team.

#3 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks fans shook the ground, literally. They caused an earthquake in the 2014-2015 season when superstar running back Marshawn Lynch pulled off a “beast mode” rush. That’s how loud they are. Over the years, the Seahawks fans have gained a reputation for being supportive and loyal to their team. Even when the Seahawks are not doing well, especially this year, the Seahawks fans never gave the team too much pressure. They understand that the Seahawks have a fighting spirit and the team will improve as time progresses.

#2 Green Bay Packers

This is a team that’s owned by their fans, which explains why the Packers fans are so loyal. Throughout the ups and downs, the Packers fans made it look easy to stay loyal and show support even when the team underperforms. The only community-owned NFL team comes in second in stadium attendance and television ratings. It is common to see a packed stadium, regardless of the weather. Packers’ fans also show great support to their team’s merchandise. It is a lot easier to sell Packers gear when almost half of the games are played in the snow.

#1 Dallas Cowboys

Fans of other teams might switch around or follow their favorite quarterbacks. But, a Cowboys fan is always a Cowboys fan. “America’s team” has generated countless fans across nation, leading to the “Cowboys Nation” phenomenon. If you pay attention during game days, it is not that hard to spot them. Being a Broncos fan living in Boston, I can honestly say that the peer pressure to be a Patriots fan is real. However, I’ve never seen a Cowboys fan worried about talking trash about Brady. Cowboys’ fans never leave their team when they struggle, and they are never afraid to show their pride.