It’s that time of the year again. As the Golden State Warriors tipped off the season opener, we are into the NBA 2015-16 season. Several big trades happened during the off-season and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your buddies when you watch games together. So, here are the top three players with new teams that we are very, very excited about.

Paul Pierce, XXX and XX are three players, who have been traded to new teams, to watch this season. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Paul Pierce, Meta World Peace and Jeremy Lin are three NBA players who have been traded to new teams to watch this season. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Metta World Peace, AKA Ron Artest (LA Lakers)

World Peace is no stranger to the Lakers since he had been on the team for four years before he left for the New York Knicks. After not finding any luck in China and Italy, World Peace is back to the most popular basketball team on this planet again. With wiggly giant Julius Randle, who does a lot of hop steps for no reason, and many young talents, World Peace will probably fit in on the team nicely. But how much playing time will he have? I cannot deny the fact that World Peace is a very experienced player who made a great contribution to the Lakers. Byron Scott will most likely bench World Peace a lot. Same thing might happen to Kobe Bryant, who’s playing his 20th season. 20 years! If World Peace adapted his plays to be catch-and-shoot, he will probably be fine. But World Peace might go all in and do the “shoulder shakes fade away,” who knows?

Jeremy Lin (Charlotte Hornets)

Long time after the Linsanity, Jeremy Lin has humbled himself to learn from more teams. I’m more excited to see him perform on the Hornets in a way than when he was on the Lakers. He has sat down with the coaching staff and talked about how the system can deliver his strength and utilize his open vision on the court. This problem has been bothering Lin, and many other players with great potential, for a long time. In order for a player to be successful, he can either be super athletic, like Russell Westbrook, or he has to be smart and find the team with an offense that matches his style. In other words, find your fit. Let that be a general lesson for anything in life. Although Lin, with a $4 million and a two-year contract, is not earning a lot this year, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Paul Pierce (Los Angeles Clippers)

One of the former Boston Celtics is joining the LA Clippers for probably his last few seasons. He had made his name on the Celtics before he took off to other teams. It was very smart for the Celtics to trade Pierce right after his prime. Some might say that Paul Pierce is in the game for the money, since he hasn’t really performed well after his departure from the Celtics. However, the Clippers do need a good sixth man to balance their offense. How many dunkers do they have? The Clippers have a load of players with awesome YouTube mixtapes, but that doesn’t mean anything after the regular season. You can’t just dunk your way into the playoffs. It’s not a sustainable way to play, and that’s where Paul Pierce comes in. When the team gets stuck in the 4th quarter and no one can score effectively, Paul Pierce can get off the bench and organize defense. He’s a fast warmer and definitely has a lot to offer this season.