The New York Times published an article Wednesday on Amy Schumer’s memoir book deal with Simon & Schuster. Back in 2013 Schumer had the opportunity to sign with HarperCollins, but in the middle of signing conveniently decided to back out of the deal. She used the excuse of being too busy to continue working on her memoir. However, two years later Schumer has received more publicity and has bettered her reputation within the comedic world. She has built up a following from her television show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” and wrote and stars in in the recent Judd Apatow hit film, “Trainwreck” — talk about being busy. She’s juggling an Emmy-winning television show, fans to impress and high expectations to live up to, but with a book offer promising seven figures, what’s one more task?

Timing is truly everything, and Schumer is smart in that sense. As her reputation improves and she takes on more projects, she also makes more money. And waiting until she got to her height of fame has allowed her to be published for millions more dollars. Essentially, Schumer pushed off her deal with HarperCollins in anticipation of gaining more attention, and finding a publisher with the same desires in mind: money.

Amy Schumer has rocketed to stardom because of her comedic talent and hard work, but is her new memoir just another avenue to make millions?PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Amy Schumer has rocketed to stardom because of her comedic talent and hard work, but is her new memoir just another avenue to make millions? PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Not only will Schumer benefit from this, but Simon & Schuster has found an extremely popular celebrity with many fans eager to read about her life. This will increase sales numbers and draw even more attention to the publishing company. While it seems like a deal that cannot be beat, it brought up some moral dilemmas in my mind.

What are Schumer’s intentions? It isn’t hard to figure out that publishers are in it for the money. Any publisher would kill to sell a book for a celebrity in his or her prime because when they put down the money and sign a celebrity author, they’ve bettered their reputation for future big stars, which could result in future substantial profits as well.

While publishers will continue to play the money game, I am, however, concerned with Schumer’s reasons behind writing a book. As fans we hope that her passion for comedy continues to drive her career, rather than the fame and fortune, which continues to increase. My concern with this situation is superficiality. Too often stars get wrapped up in the fame of Hollywood, and while they began because of their love for acting, singing or songwriting, for example, once they are integrated with the new celebrity world they lose touch with their original inspiration. Their job becomes merely about appearance, reputation and wealth, not passion.

After hearing the news of the book deal, I started to question my love for Schumer, as I wonder if she’s begun to only care for the monetary benefits her fame is bringing. As fans we want to know Amy on a personal level. In regards to her strategic decision to put off publishing her book, however, “busy” doesn’t seem like a valid excuse for making fans wait.

The facts seem quite simple: Schumer held off releasing a book because she wanted more money. While she is hopefully publishing this memoir for her fans to read, it appears as if her main concern is how much money the book will bring her. Don’t get me wrong, fortune is wonderful, and quite typical in the glamorous land of Hollywood, but it is important that money doesn’t consume Schumer. Money should not make her forget her initial passion for comedy. As a fan, I hope to see her continue to pursue comedy for reasons more substantial than economic gains.