Comedy writers tend to salivate at the chance to create sketches that poke fun at political figures and set off their audiences roaring with laughter. Naturally, with the presidential election brewing, Saturday Night Live could not wait to have their say. And who can blame them? SNL’s Taran Killam is taking on the role that is bound to be the show’s latest and greatest character: the one and only, Donald Trump.

Many of us are all familiar with SNL’s hilarious political sketches. Who can forget Tina Fey’s spot-on impression of Sarah Palin, or Amy Poehler’s famous portrayal of Hillary Clinton? Well, those roles may have to step aside for Trump, who is arguably one of the most — how shall I put this — entertaining presidential candidates we have ever had. He flaunts his wealth and unwavering arrogance, and has absolutely zero difficulty with saying what is on his mind. As a businessman (and former reality television star), he brings to the table a very different perspective than those of his competitors. As a result, he has taken many jabs at the presidential candidates, and received countless ones himself, launching him into the media’s spotlight. Needless to say, SNL will have a lot of material to work with, and Killam is a great candidate to fulfill this role.

Taran Killam is set to play Donald Trump on Saturday Day Night Live, and many are wondering how the SNL sketches will effect Trump's presidential campaign. PHOTO VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Taran Killam is set to play Donald Trump on Saturday Day Night Live, and many are wondering how the publicity from the SNL sketches will effect Trump’s presidential campaign.

Killam has had an array of experience on television. Between starring in the 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Stuck in the Suburbs (that’s right, he was teen pop sensation Jordan Cahill) and his work on SNL, he has definitely made his name known in the comedy world. As Donald Trump, Killam will take his career to new heights.

That being said, Killam’s role as Trump will, of course, have an effect on Donald Trump himself. First and foremost, it will give him more attention. The real question is if this attention will be in his favor or work against him. At the very least, he will most certainly be mocked. Perhaps that will make others feel more negativity towards him, viewing him as a less serious candidate (if they don’t feel that way about him already).

Then again, they say that bad publicity is better than no publicity, right? Killam’s role as Trump is sure to spread like wildfire throughout social media (prepare for many priceless memes), which will place Trump on the minds, and on the television screens, of that many more people.

It’s not like Trump hasn’t been ridiculed before. In fact, thanks to his attitude and reputation, he is a renowned dartboard for mockery. Whatever results from SNL probably will not faze him; he will either embrace the comments or brush them off, no matter how they make him look.

Now, I have to admit that ever since Kristen Wiig left the show, I don’t watch SNL as much as I used to, but Killam’s first sketch as Trump is one that I just cannot miss. We can expect this debut to be on Oct. 3 when SNL returns from its summer vacation. Get ready for some humor, some hatred and a whole lot of roasting.