Considering Boston University’s large international student population, it’s safe to assume that a lot of us have travelled many miles within the last few weeks to get back to college. It’s been a week since I’ve been back, but the jetlag from my 25-hour journey from Singapore to Boston still hasn’t worn off. To make matters worse, I’m not exactly the most efficient traveler. The responsibility of having to take care of my numerous gadgets and, more importantly, my passport is almost crippling. Every time I fly alone, I spend most of my time frantically feeling my bag or the seat pocket in front of me (conveniently spaced mere inches away from my knees) for my phone or passport. Worse yet, the routine of waking up every hour to check on my belongings completely destroys my sleep pattern. Well, if any of you are like me, we can all rejoice at one of the latest non-technological innovations. Our savior is here: Baubax, the world’s best travel jacket, with 15 defining features.

The premium travel jacket is available in four designs for both men and women: windbreaker, sweatshirt, bomber and wrinkle-free blazer. Some of its major features include a built-in neck pillow and eye mask, a phone pocket, an earphone holder and a passport pocket (thank you!). Furthermore, a personal favorite of mine is the pen/stylus zipper. Boy, that really comes in handy when you have to fill out those immigration forms.

The new travel jacket by Baubax is set to revolutionize traveling, but could negatively impact airport security.

The new travel jacket by Baubax is set to revolutionize traveling, but could also negatively impact airport security. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER JARED AND CORIN

Although it is absolutely wonderful to feel like a spy with the hidden compartments and whatnot, it’s inevitable to wonder how the Transportation Security Administration will respond to a jacket such as the Baubax. Numerous disguised pockets are a dead ringer for you to be picked out for a random security check. Feeling like a real life James Bond? Cool. Personal security checks? Not so cool. It is entirely possible that the TSA might even up their security game when these jackets enter the market and are used on a daily basis. Having to wait in line for a longer period of time sounds terrible. Plus, I can’t imagine how frantic I would be to take out every little thing from my jacket just to put it all back in before the person behind me gets irritated.

All in all, I personally think that the jacket is a godsend to all of us long haul travelers. And I certainly makes me a lot more excited to enter the job market knowing that a formal blazer with a built-in neck pillow exists.