I can always find something fascinating in Newbury Comics. Flashback to Sunday: as I was wandering in the store trying to find some Captain America posters for my dorm, I caught a glimpse of something I had seen on television before. It was a black snapback with the golden letters “TMT” written across the front. It seemed so familiar, and suddenly I recalled that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wore the cap at the press conference before his fight with Manny Pacquiao. The hat was $80, which is a very unreasonable price for a snapback in my opinion, but that’s a vivid representation of Mayweather — “all about that money.”

Well, “Money” is about to fight again.

Boxing’s current best pound-for-pound fighter, Mayweather is about to close his six-fight deal with Showtime on Sept. 12. This time, he picked Andre Berto for obvious reasons. Berto lost three of his six recent fights, yet he has earned a shot to challenge the World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council welterweight titles (held by Mayweather). Berto is also known for taking bad cuts, wounds and frequent injuries during fights. Some might say, however, that Berto is still one of the most ferocious fighters in the boxing scene, and I agree. His fight against Victor Ortiz was probably the most memorable fight I’ve ever seen. Berto is extremely talented, and there has not been a boring fight associated with his name. However, Berto is no longer the undefeated young fighter he once was. His shoulder injuries and subsequent surgery have taught him the brutality of the sport. For Mayweather, Berto seems to be the easy way out.

On September 12 Floyd Mayweather will take on Andre Berto in his last fight before retirement. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER GLOBAL PANORAMA

On September 12 Floyd Mayweather will take on Andre Berto in his last fight before retirement. PHOTO VIA FLICKR USER GLOBAL PANORAMA

Let’s look at what both fighters have to offer.

After putting $220 million into his pocket in the last fight, Mayweather is looking to close his professional boxing career. Andre Berto is definitely a smart pick. Should Mayweather emerge victorious, he is likely to finish his 19-year journey with a perfect record, 49-0. Although in an interview for ESPN, Mayweather said, “Manny Pacquiao wasn’t able to bring the best out of me, so I believe Berto is the guy for the job.” It’s clear that the pound-for-pound king doesn’t want to face a big challenge in his last fight. Otherwise he would have picked fighters like Amir Khan or Timothy Bradley.

In Mayweather’s seven fights throughout the last five years, we can see a big improvement in his already well-known defensive skills. Especially in the last fight against Pacquiao, Mayweather was fighting for points, not to do damage to the opponent. In an interview for Showtime Sports All Access, Mayweather said, “Boxing is the sweet science. The name of the game is to hit and not get hit. I didn’t come into the sport to take punishment, I came into the sport to be smart, and to leave with a sharp mind.” Indeed, Mayweather is known to be accurate and agile. He is the combination of power and swiftness. His swiftness has secured multiple wins in recent years, and he is likely to carry out the last fight with the same tactics. In other words, we might see Mayweather running around the ring again.

On the challenging side, Andre Berto, the former welterweight titlist, has been working incessantly to prepare for the fight. Berto wants to ensure that he goes into the ring in his best condition. Berto started from the bottom and fought his way up to meet tougher opponents. He is often considered the underdog in his matchups, yet he manages to triumph over and over again. This match is his opportunity to show the world how good of a fighter he is.

Whether this match will be a big upset or a glamorous finale for Mayweather, it’s definitely worth the money to see him fight.