We are back, ladies and gentlemen. School is officially in session, and it is time to hit those books again. If you lived in Boston before, or even if you haven’t, you know the endless amounts of restaurants and eateries around our lovely campus. So with that, I give you a list of the best places to grab a bite around Boston University.

Coffee: Blue State Coffee

Coffee is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. My favorite place to go is Blue State Coffee, a cute coffee joint in West Campus. They have one of the best cups of Joe a girl could ask for. It has a relaxing and down-to-earth vibe, with smells of rich coffee beans and walls adorned with inspiring quotes from U.S. presidents. My personal favorite beverage at Blue State Coffee is an iced latte — oh boy, is it good. Hot or cold, Blue State is the place to go when you need a caffeine boost.

Blue State Coffee is just one of the great eateries on the Boston University campus. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Blue State Coffee is just one of the great eateries on the Boston University campus. PHOTO VIA WIKIPEDIA

Bagels: Rhett’s

Located conveniently inside the George Sherman Union, or the GSU, Rhett’s is known for its burgers and fries. However, a less commonly-known item on the menu is the bagel sandwich. You can get anything from just a plain bagel with cream cheese, to, my personal favorite, one with eggs on it. They are so delicious that I get up early before my 8 a.m. class to go buy one. Even better, Rhett’s stays open later than any restaurant in the GSU, allowing you to get one of these amazing bagels when you’re crying over your textbook in the library at night.

Thai: Nud Pob

This little restaurant is right next to Warren Towers, and has the most authentic Thai food I have found in Boston. There is such a wide variety on the menu that you’re bound to find something you like. Their pad thai is to die for, and it’s a great place to get a good, authentic meal without going too far.

Sandwiches: Pavement Coffeehouse

While many might assume that Pavement is the best place for coffee, their sandwiches and various food items are extremely underappreciated. They’re made with natural ingredients and are not only tasty, but also healthy for you. My favorite item on the menu is their hummus chicken sandwich. I mean, what girl doesn’t love hummus?

Finally, here’s a list of miscellaneous “bests” that you can’t go wrong with.

Brunch: Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Newbury Street

Ice Cream: J.P. Licks

Crafts: City Target

Comfortable clothing: Brandy Melville

That’s it, folks. Now, go enjoy some Thai food, and get ready for a great year filled with full bellies and many memories.